December 30, 2008

Minor is not going to seek reelection

Three-term city Councilor Craig Minor, a Democrat, said today that he won’t seek reelection.
“Six years is long enough. It’s time for new ideas and new blood,” Minor said.
Minor said he notified the Democratic Town Committee recently about his decision to give up his 3rd District seat so it would have plenty of time to recruit and vet a good candidate to take his place.
Minor said that letting people know early on “removes the drama” that so often surrounds political decisions.
“I don’t like drama and I think a lot of politicians do,” Minor said.
Minor, who works as the town planner in Cromwell, said he wants to devote his attention to a few issues he cares deeply about instead of taking on whatever his council duties require.
“This way I can expend my free time on the specific issues that I care about,” Minor said.
The councilor said he’s not ruling out a future political run “but certainly not in the near future.”
Minor said he doesn’t think that telling people of his decision will weaken him politically in the months ahead.
“I’ve always worked well with the other people on the council” on both sides of the aisle, he said, and he’s sure that will continue.
Minor may have faced a primary fight had he opted to stay in the race. Many Democrats were sore at him for lending a hand to an effort to create a chief operating officer position at City Hall that municipal unions opposed and many Republicans favored.
There is no firm word yet on whether any other members of the council plan to step down. It appears likely that Mayor Art Ward will seek a second term in 2009.
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Tough to Replace said...

You've done well, Mr. Minor. You can walk away at the end of this term with your head held high.

You can also be proud of the contributions you've made to the City of Bristol.

I for one, will miss your thoughtful, intelligent and fair-minded representation of the 3rd District.

Thank you for your service.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Republicans can put someone up in the 3rd who is willing to work a hard election to claim this open seat.

Concerned Conservative said...

Let's hope the Democrats get someone to replace him on the ballot with someone of higher caliber than they have in the past.

Anonymous said...

Mike Petosa!!!

HOPEFUL said...

Guess the COO issue is beginning to take it's toll.
Hopefully it will reach over to the republican side also and get cockayne booted too.

Concerned Conservative said...

Anon December 30, 2008 10:58 PM:

I concur. However Republicans have had candidates that worked pretty hard in the 3rd. One example is the last campaign of the GOP in the 3rd, evidently there was much work put into that campaign as well. Unfortunately it appears the hard work of the 2007 campaign failed partially due to bad strategy and misguided leadership.

What the GOP needs is a strong candidate at the top of their ticket in 2009. But from the list of possible candidates (or lack of success in enticing one), it looks like once again the Bristol GOP will fall short.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that the Democrats have the wherewithal to not bend to the pressure of putting a bunch of stooges on the ticket so Mayor Ward has "friends" to do his bidding, like Ragani, Nelson, and some of the other half-dead punks he hangs with.

Doubtful said...

@ December 30, 2008 10:58 PM
December 30, 2008 11:05 PM

Doubtful, but one can always dream. ;o)

Bill Stortz said...

While Craig and I disagreed on many issues, I always found him to to be candid and up front with me.

In that regard, and many others, Criag will leave some big shoes to fill.

Unfortunately, the current nature of politics does take its toll, and also does discourage some good people from getting involved.

Hopefully that will change.

Craig, Good Luck, and Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I must admit that I was totally unaware that the mayor "hangs with half-dead punks"....The last time I saw Mr. Ragaini and Mr. Nelson, they both appeared to be alive and well, although a tad too mature to be called "punks."

Sadly, it seems the same small-minded people will continue with their pointless, juvenile and plain old stupid comments into the New Year....proving once again who the real brain dead punks really are. Happy New Year anyway 8:41!

new year said...

8:41 - sounds like the chagrin of a disenfranchised former ellen supporter, get over it, life goes on.
Happy 2009

Tim Gamache said...

Craig and myself have differed on some issues and been in complete agreement on others.While his "style" may have rubbed me the wrong way at times,our conversations were always mutually respectful(which I greatly appreciated)and I found him to be professional in the performance of his duties as Councilor.I must admit I was surprised by his announcement he would not be seeking reelection,but I applaud his timing.This does afford the DTC ample time to identify qualified candidates.You should feel proud of the job you've done(and I'm sure will continue to do)Craig.I agree with Bill that your shoes will indeed be hard to fill.

PITA said...

Is there any question that Artie is running?

He is campaigning each and every day?

Backing the Mayor said...

4:21 - thank goodness that somebody is doing something, you naysayers call it "running for office", us optimists call it "doing what he is supposed to be doing, what is in the best interests of all of us as citizens".
Better yet, ward is "MOVING BRISTOL FORWARD."
that should give you more to whine about.