December 30, 2008

Nicastro on the radio

Listen here to state Rep. Frank Nicastro, a Bristol Democrat, talking with WTIC's morning show yesterday about the effort to save The Bristol Press.

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Anonymous said...

Where is Ron Burns? What has he done to help out? What about Chris Wright our new State Rep....These guys are letting Frank have all the GLORY! Great! Does this mean Frank will be running for Governor soon?

Anonymous said...

I think Frank did a great job.

Anonymous said...

Did he say at the end that the Press makes money? Why is it going under?

Steve Collins said...

Nobody knows if the Press makes money. The company's books are such a mess that's impossible to say, according to several people who have reviewed them.
I believe it CAN make money. But whether it does or not, who knows?

I Toot Too! said...

And Bill Hamzy and Tom Colapietro and Betty Bokus?

We all know that Frank is a one man band!

He isn't going to let Ward upstage him.

It is interesting to watch two PR hogs go at it!

reality said...

4:44 - versus just being an ass such as you?

Concerned Conservative said...

Good for Frank Nicastro. The guy is an up-standing, pro-active guy (albeit I don't agree with all his "up-standing", proactive ideas). Unlike Nicastro, Chris Wright is a dud and is bad for our state's government.