December 10, 2008

City, DECD officials to meet today

Aiming to go over current plans for the city-owned former downtown mall site and the $14 million project to create a community theater at Memorial Boulevard Middle School, city officials plan to meet with state development leaders this afternoon.
The goal, said Mayor Art Ward, is "to bring them up to date."
"We're not just sitting idly by," Ward said, in spite of the recession.
While not idle, the city's not actually doing much.
The Bristol Downtown Development Corp. is switching from monthly to bimonthly meetings in order to save money since it doesn't have anything pressing anyway.
It does plan soon to seek potential developers, but there's no telling whether it will prove easier this time than during the first push last summer, when the sole response proved to originate with a Florida get-rich-quick marketer.
Ward said the city may not be in a position to spend much during these tough times, it's important to be ready in case funding does begin to flow.
"When the dust settles" from the recession and budget crunch, the mayor said, the city needs to be poised to move.

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Anonymous said...

Keep spinning Art, elections are coming up soon.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Nicastro will come to learn that this is not a 14 million dollar city project, bu that the state will pick up a good portion if we do it right.

Dave said...

Could we even wish someone will be smart enough to NOT sink money into this money pit until the economy gets better?

I hope so.... but I don't have much faith in it.

Odin said...


A down economy is a GOOD time for public construction projects. Prices are low because contractors are hungry, and it pays the wages of local construction workers. Ward and the city council are looking at the big picture, and that's smart.

Anonymous said...

The Property should be divided into three parcels. It is easier to sell three 5 acre lots then one 17 acre lot. PUT THE ROADS IN.... Maybe a nice town green in the middle....think about it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good thing we were able to include Memorial Blvd School early on.
I doubt that he state would be as amenable now.

Anonymous said...


If Nicastro does, he will then take credit for it.