December 7, 2008

Hartford Courant's owner may declare bankruptcy this week

The news for newspapers just keeps getting worse.
The Wall Street Journal reports today that the Tribune Co., which owns the Hartford Courant, "is preparing for a possible filing for bankruptcy-court protection as soon as this week, according to people familiar with the matter."
While seeking bankruptcy protection is not the same as closing down, it's not good.
I firmly believe that the answer is to return these papers to their roots, to get them in the hands of local owners or employee owners who can tap the good will of a community. We need newspapers -- whether in print or online -- or this nation will vanish in a swamp of ignorance.
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Concerned Conservative said...

Newspapers are a terrible waste of trees.

I completed my entire research project for my MS with information I obtained on line. With the internet so common, newspapers are going the way of the dinosaur.


Sam said...

Where does Concerned Consevative
think the information comes from?
It takes independent reporters getting the facts and publishing them in print or on line. Would he prefer to have governments, corporations, unions, schools etc. just tell us what they want us to know? P.S. You might want to read books and newspapers to be truly educated,

Anonymous said...


You have mentioned that 100+ jobs would be lost with the Press closing and that Bristol's Legislators are working with the State to help with the issue. What is Torrington doing to help? Isn't that where the Press is actually printed? Won't the majority of the jobs lost be there?

Steve Collins said...

The Torrington paper, The Register-Citizen, is also owned by the JRC, but it is not slated to close.
The Bristol Press is printed there, but so are other publications. As far as I know, nobody's losing his or her job there.
I suspect that if the Press is purchased by a non-newspaper company, Torrington would happily keep printing it, since it has the capacity and the time for doing the work is already set aside. I'm also sure new owners would scout around for the best price.

CtTaxed said...

Sorry can't get excited about newspapers closing.

Must be something about having worked for another dying Connecticut industry...Aerospace.

Considering how much the newspapers have contributed to the decline of business in Connecticut by virtually never calling the state to task for the highest taxes in the country and making Ct a virtual economic desert, CT will be much better off with out them.

Just got to wonder, who's going to do the cheerleading for the Dems in the house and senate now?

Economic justice, reaping what they sowed.

How much was Bristol hurt by Hamilton Sundstrand closing down Bld 4 on New Britain ave? Probably a 10$Million hit to the local economy.

And you know what? That was their BEST building in terms of quality, delivery, and absenteeism. If that Building couldn't make it in Ct none will.

Good riddance to the Hartford Courant and all their ilk.

Anonymous said...

Ct taxed...
i've just got to wonder... what are you doing reading a reporter's blog if you hate newspapers so much

Anonymous said...

Steve, they just filed for protection.

renaissancewoman said...

I don't understand how anyone can simply say "Good Riddance" to an American institution such as our printed newspapers. Sure, most us also find our news on the internet, but nothing compares to the written word of the community newspaper. Also, just as a sidenote, my college professors would never allow us to submit an entire research project sourced exclusively on the internet. Yes, our respective local papers could use some reform, but calling for their extinction will leave a hole in our society.

CtTaxed said...


Don't hate newspapers, nothing I love more than a lazy morning a pot of coffee and a really thick newspaper.

However, I read Investors Business Daily, Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times.

I disdain the Hartford Courant. Truly a rag destined for the bird cage. I hold the HC accountable for years of slanted reporting, being the cheerleader excessive spending and not informing their readers of the dangers of runaway intrusive government. Turn their building into office condos and let something productive for once come out of it.

I even read the NYT sometimes.

Regards "renaissancewoman", key word in your post is "our college professor". I realize they probably make up your world right now, but at some point if you do leave that insulated world, hopefully you'll realize how isolated and incestuous college thinking is. I've been there enough, 3 degrees and no I am not including high school as a degree.

Regards using newspaper as a "source", the times in my life where I have had actually inside knowledge of an event have made realize that all news accounts are missing key points of information and most times key points that are just wrong. Newspapers in my opin are suspect sources of information. Many must be read and the reader must sort out what fits and what does not.

The crime the Hartford Courant committed is hiring reporters of one politician slant, the people of Connecticut have spoken, they don't like the HC enough to keep it in business.