December 26, 2008

At least two out-of-state Press purchasers still eyeing paper

Despite rumors that the Journal Inquirer is going to buy The Bristol Press, there are at least a couple of out-of-state folks still considering the option.

Mayor Art Ward said he had long conversations with both of them Friday morning, but would not say anything about their identities except that both have some connection to the newspaper business.

"They were very encouraging phone calls," Ward said.

That doesn't mean, of course, that the JI isn't buying the paper. It only means that at least a couple of others believe they're still in the running. I'm pretty sure a local buyer is also still in the mix, too.

I hope we learn something more definitive soon.

The owner of the Press, the Journal Register Co., has said it will close the paper by Jan. 16, along with a dozen others in Central Connecticut. We're all eager for a buyer to step forward and prevent the doors from slamming shut forever.

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