December 12, 2008

Bristol Armory closed; city may get keys in March

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The Bristol Armory, which has served the Connecticut National Guard for generations, is empty and perhaps doomed.

Mayor Art Ward said the building “has been vacated” completely.

The 102nd Infantry unit that had been based there moved to New Britain in the spring and the state is preparing to rid itself of the

The city expects the state to offer it the 61 Center St. Armory by March.

Though city leaders have known for years the state planned to shutter the Armory in 2009, they haven’t done much to plan for its future use.

Ward said that city officials and residents should consider ideas for the property soon in anticipation of the expected offer.

City Councilor Mike Rimcoski said that perhaps the building could be used this winter to help house a growing number of homeless in town.

“Maybe we could throw a few cots” in there, Rimcoski said.

Ward said that it wouldn’t be possible.

He building, he said, is “totally unsafe.”

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Impeach Ward said...

"totally unsafe" ??? Are you freeking kidding me?

I suppose sleeping on the street or in an alley or on a park bench is safer.

Ward should try staying outside in the cold one night. He'll be singing a different tune come morning.

What kind of a heartless S.O.B is this guy?

Rimcoski's idea is a good one!

dirt is dirt is dirt said...

and are you going to be responsible if some tragedy occurs as a result of a violation of a building or fire code, if someone dies as a result of being in there when the city is aware of the illegal conditions - you call ward a "heartless S.O.B?
would seem to me that you are pretty much a real ignorant, stupid ass with the brain of a gutter seeping garbage pit spewing
foolish, asinine venom out of your gutless clap trap.
save the next park bench or alley for someone who deserves it and slither back into the crevices of dirt from which you were shoveled out of - idiot.

N. Webster said...

Way to go Artie: you sure are getting glib in your old age.

You do have a way with words.

Anonymous said...

WARNING. The following are sincere questions. Hopefully I won't be attacked.

What is in the building now?
What has it been used for in the past?
How is it unsafe right now?

It looks like a pretty cool older building. I would hate for it not to be used for something, and I would hate for it not to be salvaged. Bristol is notorious for not salvaging some of our older buildings and creating new uses for them.

Looking for Fairness said...

Mr. Ward, ifthe building is unsafe, how come you and Morin haven't torn it down like you have one so many others?

Anonymous said...

I love how the state is going to "give" us a "totally unsafe" building. Some gift! Are they also going to give us money to make it safe and/or to demolish it?

tough question, easy answer said...

9:25 - dumbo, would have to believe that they wouldn't have any authority about the armory becaus - duh, state building not city building - duh.

Anonymous said...


Check ahain Smart---

Anonymous said...

Why do we always have to destroy Bristol instead of repairing. Look at surrounding towns they make do with what they have and the towns are coming alive again.
Is there someone in Bristol that can come up with a plan to save
it?? So far the Bristolites we have had in charge have only made a mess. Please tell us the code violations. How really bad is the building!

Anonymous said...

Himself (Ward) said it was bad.

What else do you need to know?

I Like Mike said...

Rimcoski for Mayor

Anonymous said...

Does the State have an obligation to clean the building up or take it down before it turns it over? Or are they giving the building (aka the land) to Bristol in exchange for taking on the burden of getting rid of the building? Is the building worth saving? The last time I was in it (a few years) ago it looked to be in pretty bad shape. I can't imagine what it looks like now.

Manage Anger Much? said...

@ December 12, 2008 4:23 PM

I'm soooooooooo intimidated. Ouch! LOL

You "dirty" little backWARD-loving bully.

You know there are classes to help you with your anger management issues.

Frank said...

How about if Bristol does not accept the building in its current unsafe condition?

Criminals in charge said...

9:25 - dumbo, would have to believe that they wouldn't have any authority about the armory becaus - duh, state building not city building - duh.

December 13, 2008 12:43 PM

The local government has had no problem in the past tearing down private homes and businesses w/o any court support , and then sending the OWNERS the bill .