December 31, 2008

Looking ahead to an uncertain 2009

The colored Christmas lights on our bushes are casting all sorts of interesting shades across the snowy front yard. The beauty makes it easy to forget the frigid wind, especially when we're inside where it's warm and cozy.
It's a nice end to 2008, a year of miracles.
For us at least, that cold breeze outside is perhaps the appropriate way to begin 2009, where uncertainty already reigns. But I'm counting on the joy of those lights to prove even more symbolic as the year rolls along. Hope is always a good thing.
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3 comments: said...

love, hope,and continuing optimism are sent to you and yours on this "09 eve.
Peace be with you....p

Anonymous said...

Steve, your not foolin' me. Your a big mush.

New Year said...

Happy 2009