December 30, 2008

WTIC lays off two popular radio personalities

Colin McEnroe, host of WTIC's afternoon drive-time radio show, is being canned, according to a story in The Hartford Courant and another in the Journal Inquirer.
One of the two morning hosts on the station, Diane Smith, is also getting the hook, the story says, as station execs try to pare costs.
Since McEnroe once had my Tattoo writers on the show for an hour, his loss stings. I can't imagine how axing him could possibly be in the long-term interest of the station.
What we're seeing is a slow collapse of all the old media rapidly becoming a wholesale slaughter, with newspapers perhaps in the worst shape, but radio and television are not that far behind.
And what will replace it all? Rants on the internet? I shudder at the future unfolding each day, where there's a world of information available in seconds but no way to find out what's happening.
I hope that WTIC will reconsider its plans.
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Corporate Greed said...

Unfortunately, this whole media shake up is going to be a very humbling experience for many ego-driven people with high opinions of themselves.

The "main stream" media has been going down hill ever since there was a merging of news with entertainment. It's difficult to know what's real anymore, and it's quite possible this is the overarching plan.

The corporate mantra continues to be: profits are priority. Keeping the masses guessing and in a perpetual state of ignorance is their plan. The only problem with their diabolical plan is the proliferation of blogs similar to this one.

Keep the faith, Steve! You're fighting the good fight! Right makes might...

Concerned Conservative said...

Collins says: "I can't imagine how axing him could possibly be in the long-term interest of the station"

-Are you insane? This guy was not only a raging liberal and a neo-socialist, he was an traditional American values hater and an obnoxious hack.

Obviously this crumb doesn't appeal to anyone but the MSNBC talk show, ultra-liberal perenial liberal-arts college student, neo-hippie, American Communist crowd. He definately does not appeal to the hard-working, traditional values, America loving crowd. And by you Collins, having such dismay regarding the dismissal of this jerk, reveal your true colors.

Anonymous said...

Nicastro goes on their radio station and BANG the next day two people lose their jobs! Must be your warming and sincere personality rubbing off on management hopeing youwill try to construct a rescue bailout for them too.

Anonymous said...

Wow...that is unbeleiveable..well at least they got rid of the liberals!

Steve Collins said...

Concerned Conservative,
Do you ever look at anything except through an ideological prism? I like Colin because he's funny and smart, yes, but mostly because he was nice to my Tattoo kids. I like everybody who's nice to my Tattoo kids.
I voted for Lieberman over Lamont because the senator has always been really good to my Tattoo kids. Lamont, on the other hand, was a jerk to one of them.
It's not a politically sophisticated way to sort people out, but it works for me.

Anonymous said...

Who will explain the liberal-democrat-union mantra to the masses now?

Who will fnction as the attack dog in taking down republicans while defending the accused child-molesters and drunk drivers on the democrat side of the aisle in Hartford?

The only thing the COLON was good for was raising the blood pressure of regular WTIC listeners. Diane Smith was there to moderate the views of her co-host.

Bye-Bye, cya, so long

Concerned Conservative said...


Do you bother to read? I clearly conveyed that not only do I believe McEnroe to be an ultra-liberal hack, I believe him to be an obnoxious hater who does not appeal to the AM radio, driving-home-from-work listening audience. Obviously by your whining laments about the passing of the Press, you either don't respect or don't understand free markets and I doubt if you don't at this time in your life you probably never will, so I cease to try explain it any more.

Anonymous said...

"Concerned" conservative seems to be concerned only for himself. I hope his last post means he's finished commenting. I'm so sick of his hateful remarks.

Anonymous said...

I like Colin's show. The only thing wrong with it was too many stupid commercials and not enough of his commentary. I will miss it, and will remove WTIC from the top slot on my radio dial.

Insight is important said...

I , for one will certainly miss listening to the colin mcenroe program . I have been listening faithfully to his program for several years .

I certainly believe NOT having his program on daily will leave a void in my understanding of the mentality of the anti-American left wing radical extremists enemies soon to control both houses of congress and the white house .

Frank said...

Thank God. McEnroe was SO annoying. Whenever I heard his voice I opted for a Barry Manilow CD.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sorry to see McEnroe go. He originally joined the afternoon show headed up by Bruce Stevens who I liked. McEnroe eventually took over the show and forced Bruce out. What goes around comes around.

Diane Smith on the other hand was a good balance with Ray. Sorry to see her go.

Concerned Conservative said...

Well "anon December 30, 2008 7:00 PM", since there is no mention in my comment about myself, I guess I don't understand your analysis. Obviously it's permeated with mis-information.

My comments are about Colin McEnore, the fact that HE is a hater, that he is boring, that he is a neo-socialist, ultra-liberal hater of traditional American values and that HE is no loss to WTIC's fincial stability but rather a gain.

I guess I (sorry to mention myself) don't understand where you can prove "hate" from me when I merely make an honest opinion of a person who obviously is a failure at a certain postion (that of drive-time talk radio). I guess you feel that if one has no respect for traditional American values like free enterprise, the Second Ammendment, and other conservative things like McEnroe obviously does, it's OK, but when one (such as me) comments on him, it's "hate"...OK.

Just because a guy is "nice to kids" once in a while (I actually heard McEnroe tell a "kid" his father was a "coward") he is immune to criticism? I guess it was "nice" to the children who's parents were killed during the WTC destruction when McEnroe exclaimed that the 9/11 hyjackers were "not cowards" as President Bush described them (according to McEnroe, Bush was wrong about everything)?

And as far as a "left-wing neo-socialist" (apparently Obama is not that) in the White House, I'm glad to see he is reappointing a radical right-winger's Secretary of Defense and leaving the same "radical right-winger's" tax cuts in place (as to not hurt th economy) and will be sworn in by a "right wing religious zealot". I'm sure this radical leftist behavior will cease, when in 2010 the GOP takes over at least one branch of Congress (or at least scares Obama into doing more of what he is already doing...that is acting like a centrist at the very least).

Anonymous said...

Let face it. When it comes to Concerned Conservative there is only one view. His. He loves to state his opinions, attempt to show how smart he is and bash anyone who dares disagree with him. He says he takes the high ground yet is quick to turn to name calling. That is why many refer to him as a troll. He also likes to use terms like "this is my last comment" and then come back over and over again with his whining. He is a legend in his own mind and it is best to just ignore him. It is simply not worth the brain cells.

Concerned Conservative said...

Anon December 31, 2008 10:28 AM:

Apparently a "troll" is what you are. And bashing is what seems to be your M.O.

As far as your brain cells, I agree that you should conserve what little you have.

Again the subject is Colin McEnroe and his employment at WTIC. I believe it is an excellent idea for WTIC to get rid of him. I find him to be arrogant, obnoxious as well as a mean-spirited, ultra-liberal hack.

If someone wants to debate the firing of Colin McEnroe, etc. with me, I welcome it. I don't however appreciate unjustified attacks on my posts nor do I care for unjustified "labels", especially when the one using them is a hypocrite.

I Can Hope said...

Too bad we can't "lay off" some of our politicians, local and otherwise as easily as WTIC did.

It would be a better world if we could.

Anonymous said...

December 31, 2008 10:28 AM;

In attempting to show how smart YOU are, you failed miserably.

Anonymous said...

Concerned Conservative says "I find him to be arrogant, obnoxious as well as a mean-spirited"

Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

"I don't however appreciate unjustified attacks on my posts nor do I care for unjustified "labels", especially when the one using them is a hypocrite."

This from someone who's used the phrases "neo-socialist" and "ultra-liberal" at least three times in this post (whatever they mean)

Here's a couple clues for you:

There is nothing traditional in this country about the free market

There is nothing "conservative" about the second amendment.

And there is nothing in any of your posts offering any merit to your opinions. Your arguments have boiled down to bad slogans; "Market good," and "Liberal Bad" and a stupid logic that people will have this Pavlovian response to mindless stereotypes and character assassinations.

Maybe if you presented yourself in a better light than the empty shirt you are people would be more than willing to listen. As an "ultra liberal, neo-socialist" I am thankful you haven't.

In the mean time please, PLEASE do us all a favor and SHUT UP!

Anonymous said...

December 31, 2008 11:30 AM

I'm not really that smart. I just know a troll when I see one.

Steve is right on his observations.

Anonymous said...

Steve,I don't know why you answer a jerk like the UN-concerned conservative we all can see that he is a one sided ding-dong like Rush Lumbaugh.
If he gets his wish and all the liberals are gone he'll have to argue with his so-called conservative friends. I guess if you can argue with yourself you'll never lose. He must be tired of being a useless loser! Nobody really takes a anonoymous coward seriously any way .

Anonymous said...

nor do I care for unjustified "labels", especially when the one using them is a hypocrite.

December 31, 2008 11:22 AM
Isn't calling someone names and a liberal a label? You are a gutless coward."Concerned Conservative". And debate? You can't debate a phony like you.

Concerned Conservative said...


January 1, 2009 6:17 AM:
No, A loser is one like you who on New Year's Day at 6 in the morning is posting anonymously and hypocritically calling someone a coward for posting anonymously.

Collins didn't call me a "troll". Actually the phrase comes from Left-wing bloggers who grew troubled by conservatives adding their views to the warped viewpoints of the Left. So they found a crude, insulting and demeaning word to "label" and "name-call" anyone with a dissenting opinion (similar to the person who uses that phrase on this blog).

I am simply commenting about Colin McEnroe, a paid employee of private media outlet. Again I believe WTIC made the correct decision in firing him. I have complained about him numerous times in the past and although I have listened to his left-wing broadcasts occasionally, by rule I tuned WTIC out after 3 PM. Only a liberal could tolerate him.

As far as calling someone a liberal, there is nothing wrong with that. I also believe McEnroe to be a conveyor of progreesive socialism as well as pacifism in regards to rouge nations and enemies of the US. I also believe him to be a partisan pusher of the agenda of the left wing of the Democrat Party. Again, I don't believe the radio audience that a popular talk show host like rush Limbaugh attracts would stay tuned to people like Colin McEnroe (who barely made any sense anyway).

Anonymous said...

Concerned Conservative. I wish it was you were on the radio. This way we could turn you off.

How many times are you going to repeat the same argument? You made your point and others disagree with you. They are not going to win you over and you certainly are not going to win them over.

Concerned Conservative said...

January 2, 2009 4:25 PM:

I understand and I agree with you.

It's the fact that they are distorting the truth and to a greater degree distorting my comments to win (in some convoluted way) the argument.

Laughing Liberal said...


I too wish you could be "laid off".