February 25, 2010

Von Gootkin to take slot on charter panel

A special City Council meeting is slated for 5 p.m. Friday to accept the resignation of Bruce Suchinski from the Charter Revision Commission and to fill the resulting vacancy. Councilors plan to pick Regina von Gootkin, who would be the only woman on the seven-person panel.
Von Gootkin was selected by city Councilor Kate Matthews.
Mayor Art Ward said the original picks for the panel included too many Democrats.
Von Gootkin (formerly Regina Forker) is apparently an unaffiliated voter, though I haven't had a chance to check.
But I can see that she graduated from the University of Connecticut Law School in 2009, has written two books on controversial cases in Connecticut history and studied journalism as an undergraduate at UConn.
Unlike me, she had enough sense to become an attorney. I went to law school and then became a journalist. Now how dumb is that?
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Anonymous said...

Studied jouralism? So she's a liberal?

What "controversial cases" were her "two books" about?

Do tell!

Anonymous said...

Regina is also the author of two books, Controversial Court Cases, Parts I & II. The books chronicle twelve notorious cases from Connecticut, including the 17th century witch trials, the Amistad case, Sheff v. O’Neill, Peter Reilly, Michael Skakel, Michael Ross and James Tillman. The books were published by Law First Publishing, a division of the Connecticut Bar Association, under her maiden name, Regina Forker.

Controversial Court Cases in Connecticut, Part I

Controversial Court Cases in Connecticut, Part II

Anonymous said...

why don't you look it up yourself, 10:40?

Anonymous said...


Another Special Meeting.

On a Friday.

At 5:00PM

Why not make it at 7:00PM?

Anonymous said...

February 25, 2010 1:12 PM

I don't believe I should have to waste my time looking for such boring material. And since Mr. Collins volunteered the information that there were books published, one would think that he might have the information to back up the statement. But maybe Collins finds the subject boring himself (evident by his statement that he left Law for Journalism).

But too bad Von Gootkin hasn't done any research on why all the jobs are leaving Connecticut. That would be much more useful.

Anonymous said...

And by the way "February 25, 2010 2:20 PM" all one has to do is click the live link to her profile to find the sources (thanks Steve Collins), and yes it's still incredibly boring.

But she is certainly heads and shulders better than Suchinski. It's like night and day actually. One has to wonder how the Council-woman could think of such different people with such different levels of qualifications to appoint to the charter revision board.

Anonymous said...

She seems more than qualified for this panel. I wish her well and for the naysayers and whiners you should go to the new "I hate Bristol Facebook" page. We need more people willing to serve the city and we should be thankful when good people step up.

Anonymous said...

thank goodness that suchinski guy is gone...good luck to Regina...be far ...be impartial and above all vote republican!

Anonymous said...

Wondering if Van Gootin will do a research piece on the Bruce Suchinski trial next.

cseguin said...

Regina graduated from UConn Law a year ahead of me. From what I've heard, she's extremely smart and capable. I'm sure she'll do a great job on the panel.

Anonymous said...


If you're an example of the product of UConn Law, it's not a very impressive trait.