February 8, 2010

Top paid city workers not quite so well off this year

For the first time in many years, the city’s highest-earning employees saw their take home pay dip a little last year.
Among the Top 50 municipal wage earners, the average yearly tally fell a little more than 1 percent in 2009, perhaps a reflection of the belt tightening at both City Hall and the Board of Education as officials scrambled last year to hold the line on spending during a tough economy.
The top earner, school Superintendent Philip Streifer hauled in more than $5,000 less than he did a year earlier – but he still collected $186,508. It marks his second year at the top of the list. Read the story here.
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Anonymous said...

How about benefits?

Would be interesting to see just what each one costs us in benefits

Anonymous said...

How about also publishing the lowest paid bottom 50 city employees? It would be interesting to see how many city employees make less than your local Walmart employee.

Steve Collins said...

The bottom five on this list would just be the first five or so to retire last year.
But I can assure you that almost every single full-time city worker makes more than a newspaper reporter. And since it's been a decade since I checked that, it's entirely possible that every one of them does.
About that Phoenix reference... who are we talking about? What's the deal with that?

Anonymous said...

How about the benefits?

That information would open a lot of eyes!!!

Anonymous said...

Including benefits, you can add 25-35% to all the salaries. When you do the math, it's fascinating.

Unionism is clearly helping these professionals!

If only everyone belonged to a Union. This world would be a much better place, and society would have a fairer means to distribute wealth.

Bristolites Unite! Quit your griping and ORGANIZE! Demand a Union where you work! End corporate greed! End the Plutocracy in these once great United States! Restore justice for ALL!!!

And May God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

Steve - When was the school superintendent's contract signed? Who signed his contract? was it before Ward got elected?