February 10, 2010

City Council to get laptops

Following the Board of Education's lead, city councilors are going to give up paper and use laptops instead.
The council chambers are all set for wireless now, too, so there's no reason the city can't make that accessible to the public so anyone who wants to follow along with a laptop, netbook or other wireless device can do it.
Even in Bristol, there is sometimes progress.
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Anonymous said...

With $10,000 a year the worthless bums can't buy their own?

Anonymous said...

Would YOU want four years of Matthews or Cockayne?

Can we take four more years or Ward?

How about power hungry Perez?

Stick with the two years and keep the people in the loop!

Anonymous said...

And the taxpayers pay for these too? Do they get to keep them too?

Anonymous said...

Will they come with Solataire installed?

And, keep in mind that the council and mayor can now communicate DURING a meeting and YOU won't know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Just another way to keep the people in the dark.

So much for transparency!

personna non gratta said...

4:18 - look in the mirror and see if you are recognized - idiot.

Anonymous said...

4:18 PM, I know technology can be confusing and a little scary, but using laptops should actually make information MORE accessible (and therefore, transparent) to those of us savy enough to use those new fangled computer thingees (they're actually good for more that writing stupid comments on the blog). Maybe you could sign up for a class at the senior center?

Anonymous said...

What is the percentage of Bristol people that have a computer and are in tune with what is available vis computer?

Why are a large percentage of people being excluded?

Anonymous said...

10:23 AM, A large percentage have computers and those who don't had better get one...soon.

illiterate said...

10:23 - maybe you should take a class on reading so that you would know that people are going to have more access to city government rather than less.
Thank goodness for blogs, otherwise you ignorant idiots would never be discovered.