February 17, 2010

Foley, Colapietro and other pols hit Main Street

Reporter Jackie Majerus had it all today. Check out her blog piece here. And a good story about a nice man's struggling to keep his business afloat here. And another one here, about Republican gubernatorial hopeful Tom Foley's visit.
Jackie seems to have drawn the short straw this week and got stuck with the politicians.
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moving said...


whew said...

we lucked out, they weren't at the state capitol so no more damage was done.

Anonymous said...

Here they go again. In their own little same old nasty way of course. And I'm still asking what good have you done for your community lately?

Anonymous said...

Gee nothing about Foley ? LOL Same ol anti everything. And same ol Republican useless "Hack". We are getting bored with your trash can't you find anything new? Dork!

Anonymous said...

Yawn . Same old biased stuff from the same old naysayers.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know if these useless republicans on here have any plans for small businesses? Typical response I'm sure if any at all! Gutless !