February 23, 2010

Original study on rail versus busway never considered Bristol

I've been trying for awhile to find a copy of the original $800,000 study from the 1990s that found the busway a better option than commuter rail.
So far, no luck,
But I did find Mike Swift's story in the Hartford Courant in 1998 that laid out a bit of what's in it.
Apparently, the study found that the busway between Hartford and New Britain would cost $75.3 million compared to $156.5 million for a commuter rail line.
The busway supposedly would attract about 7,500 transit riders a day or 8,820 when the extra riders from Plainville were factored in.
The story doesn't say how many rail passengers were likely, unfortunately.
But here's the funny thing: the rail line they considered would have run between Plainville and Hartford. Bristol wasn't even considered as part of the whole equation.
Yeah, you got that: when they did the original study, they never even looked at what might matter for Bristol.
If anyone's got that original study, I'd love to see it. All I've read is a meaningless executive summary.
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Anonymous said...

Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Who initiated the original study?

Was Bristol involved, consulted?

Steve Collins said...

The study was done by the regional planning agency in Hartford. I don't know if Bristol was involved at all, though the CCRPA had an ancillary role.
I do know, though, that Bristol's City Council endorsed the busway in 2004.

yes today, no tomorrow said...

2004? that means that frank nicastro voted for it? last night he said that he didn't support it. must be a brotherly thing.

Anonymous said...


Hope others noticed that too!

Anonymous said...


Anyone notified the Repubs?

Anonymous said...


Why bother?

Fact Check said...

February 23, 2010 5:23 PM

Nice try but you are factually incorrect. 2004 was the middle of the Couture administration.

Nicastro stepped down as Mayor in 2003 and did not go back onto the city council until 2005 when he filled the slot vacated by Tony Savino.