May 14, 2009

Wright comes under more fire from GOP

Press release from Art Mocabee, a former Bristol GOP chairman who works for the state Republican Party:

Wright votes to raise taxes


Citing recent votes cast by Representative Chris Wright, Art Mocabee, 2nd Vice Chairman for Connecticut Republicans called Wright ,"about as out of touch with Bristol residents as any legislator can ever be for the residents of his district", which is the northeast section of Bristol.
Representative Wright has cast more votes to increase taxes across the board to Bristol and all Connecticut residents. Mocabee said. " To cast a vote to put jobs at Bristol Hospital in jeopardy, is beyond common sense and logic, he is potentially putting people in his own district out of a job"
"It is unfortunate that Bristol residents have been betrayed by Representative Wright as he has become, as predicted, a rubber stamp for special interest groups. He has ignored the needs of Bristol residents and businesses with his reckless, ill though out votes to raise taxes, suspend tax credits to Bristol's largest employer and to work completed against the best interests of Bristol Hospital",  Mocabee stated.
"We need someone who is intelligent enough to think for himself and to understand the needs of Connecticut residents and businesses during these trying economic times, and it certainly is not the current representative from the 77th. District, Mocabee said.
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Anonymous said...

Wright....Moving Bristol Back-Ward

Anonymous said...

For 18 months the local R's have kept mum on the activities of Mr.Ward. Even now they are silent, 6 months prior to the election.

Yet they seem to be looking ahead to 2010 for the legislative races already.

Don't they realize that they have to start locally and develop candidates?

Concerned Conservative said...

I give the GOP credit for trying. One can only hope they're successful. 2010 is definately going to be a better year for the Republican Party nationally than the previous two elections. It'll probably be a decent year for them in Connecticut as well. Watch the state Democrats put together another team for Wright (as they did in 2008) and watch the special interests shower him with money again.

Anonymous said...

I hate Mocabee, but I hate it even more when he is right. Chris Wright is a moron and has to go. I hope another Dem steps up to take him on, b/c we can not sent him back to Hartford.

Anonymous said...

"Send me to Hartford and I promise that I will do everything in my power to benefit our city and our state"

Chris: Raising taxes, closing businesses, letting murderers off, it's going to "benefit our city and our state."

Anonymous said...

Wright's record is shocking...can I take my vote back?

Anonymous said...

Honestly Chris Wright is a joke and it's embarrasing that Bristol elected him.

Hopefully we have learned our lesson and won't make the same mistake twice.

Anonymous said...

I also think Wannabe Mocabee is a huge blow hard...but he is dead on about Wright.

Dream On said...

"2010 is definately [sic] going to be a better year for the Republican Party nationally than the previous two elections."

That's a fairly safe statement to make. I mean, seriously, could it really get any worse?

The Repugnant Republicant's have only themselves to blame for the support of their "party" declining.

Anonymous said...

And the Dumb-o-rats are about to see what pushing this country towards european socialism, higher taxes, more government controlling people's lives, and stepping away from American traditions brings them...a big loss in 2010!

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that the truth is getting out about this guy. He should be under fire from more than the GOP though.

Anonymous said...

Tax the hell out of them so Bristol / Connecticut can get some $$ before Obama bin Biden seizes it like they have with the banks , insurance companies , auto manufacturers , etc ....

Anonymous said...

To me this illustrates what is wrong with politics today. Many local democrats backed Chris even though they knew he wasn't the best person for the job. I hope times change and people just do what they know is right instead of following the status quo.

Anonymous said...

May 14, 2009 7:45 PM

For 18 months?

The guy was elected less than ayear ago you f___ing idiot.

Concerned Conservative said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Concerned Conservative said...

"dream on":

Thanks for correcting my typos you petty little ____.

Obama is screwing things up so bad, this little land-slide is nothing more than an anomaly resulting from disillusionment (caused by the liberal media) regarding the Iraq War (which was win-able unlike the Afghan War Obama is about to embark on).

The multi-trillion dollar deficit and high inflation resulting in the Obama stimulus catastrophe won't help you much either.

Kiss your congressional majority good-by in 2010.

May 15, 2009 12:17 PM

poopsie said...

12:05 - tsk, tsk, if mommy sees that kind of language she will not like it and she will take away your wittle biddy snuggly bear which will mean that you will have terrible nightmares of the sniggly wiiglys - idiot.

Anonymous said...

Ward was elected in November 2007.

Have someone do the math for you.

Dream On! said...

"Kiss your congressional majority good-by in 2010."

And where will you get the votes?

Your base is shrinking; some might even say it's disintegrating all across the nation. How can make such outlandish claims Cuckoo Conservative and still expect to be taken seriously? You're a joke!

Furthermore, being attentive to detail does not make me petty. It makes me an exceptional communicator. One should be praised for being accurate, not criticized out of spite or jealousy. Pay better attention and I won't need to indicate to readers that your sloppy mistakes should not and cannot be attributed to me; hence, the usage of [sic] was necessary and appropriate, not petty.

Capitol Watchdog said...

In the Bristol Press article Chris Wright says "I don't know if I want to vote to kill the entire tax package for the entire state...I have to take a larger view."

I still can't believe he said that. His job is to represent the best interests of his district. There are so many democrats at the state level voting "yes" on this package that if Chris votes "no", it will mean absolutely nothing. But, it would've been the right thing to do as the representative of this community.

Concerned Conservative said...

"How can make (sic) such outlandish claims..."

And "How" is who "Dream On"?

Your communication is obviously as flawed as your reasoning. What I stated is fact. Obama won because of the Iraq War and the fact that the banks (under Democrat Congressional over-sight) failed.

Again, Obama's enormous deficit spending coupled with the anti-traditional-America liberals in Congress will turn the silent majority against them soon enough.

And please don't resort to name calling. Besides being and appearing petty, it shows how immature and ignorant you are.

Anonymous said...

The hell with Bristol - Chris Wright reporesents the leaders of the liberal Democratic party.

He'll follow them lock stock and barrel.

Even if it means higher property taxes for Bristol residents, and businesses.

Even if it means Bristol becomes a ghost town after all our businesses move out.

Even if younger residents bale b/c they cannot afford the taxes and inadequate school system.

Hey if they're going to have to go to Uconn medical center b/c Wright is successful in getting Bristol Hospital to close, then we might as well live in Farmington anyway.

Remember Chris, Bristol elected you, not Donovan or Merrill - Bristol - not the leaders of the liberal Democratic party - the people of the 77th district. Do something different during your next 18 months of your reign of terror on the people of Bristol - Represent them and not the leaders of the liberal Democratic party.

This should be a wake up call for the people of Bristol.

Know something about the idiot your voting for!!! Become informed instead of checking off every liberal you can think of.

All though Wright is a socialist.

Bring back Gardner - at least he had a brain.

Anonymous said...

Time for Mocabe the former teacher to stay gone !

Anonymous said...

And to Anonymous that wants to go to Hartford.......First you have to say who you are and then run.

Anonymous said...

Republicants , Repugnicans , Whiners, crybabies etc. We can name call too. Thats all the immature Republijerks can do. Boy do they get things done HaHaHa

Anonymous said...

Where is Ward on this issue?

Anonymous said...

Hey There flash...Mocabee is here to stay and thankfully so. He and Cockayne are the only Republicans in this town to stand up to the liberals like Wright and Ward.

I hope the Republicans bring Mocabee back as Town Chairman, he would at least, as he has in the past, challenge the status quo in this City.

Anonymous said...

11:09 Wannabe and Mad Dog?...HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What a team!Dumb and dumber...

Dream On! said...

"And "How" is who "Dream On"?"

Wrong again Cuckoo Conservative! I intentionally left out the word "you" to see if YOU would notice.

The sentence should read: How can YOU make such outlandish claims Cuckoo Conservative and still expect to be taken seriously?

Additionally, with your statements, "And please don't resort to name calling. Besides being and appearing petty, it shows how immature and ignorant you are.", you contradict yourself by engaging in the very same behavior you are trying to get me to stop. You're unbelievable, just like all the other twisted conservative "thinkers" spewing out garbage throughout the country! How's that for reasoning? :o)

The fact is: the Obama administration continues to gain support for the decisions they are making. The same cannot be said for your exclusive group of narrow-minded control freaks! Your viewpoints are being rejected by the "normal majority," and the numbers favor us over you!

Obama and his incredible administration continue to promote an environment of INCLUSION, which is paying dividends in many positive ways. It's the change we need at the very time we need it most. YES WE CAN and YES WE WILL! God Bless President Obama! Hail to the Chief!

Concerned Conservative said...

-First of all...get a grip.

"Narrow-minded control freaks"?

-Like the big-government Democrats who want to control the banks and the auto industry?

"the Obama administration continues to gain support for the decisions they are making"

-Don't count on it!

Dream On! said...

Don't confuse enthusiasm with lack of control, Cuckoo Conservative.

Democrats don't want to control the banks or the automakers. Get it straight! The need to assist in the recovery of the banking and automotive industries was not an option for President Obama. He inherited the mess from your boy GWB. So, please don't try to confuse others with mindless misinformation.

And, not only do I count on increased acceptance of the Obama administration's policies, I welcome the changes they represent with open arms!

You need to get a grip, Cuckoo! The conservative movement is losing its appeal and will soon become a distant memory. Your days are numbered!

Anonymous said...

CC Perfect discription of you !

Anonymous said...

Drean on...has been brain fryed by the blinding s---Storm of liberalism sprewed by BO!! Man does it stink too.

Thgis liberal wack job thinks the BO is "helping ..assiting"...give me a break. What we are witnessing is the total take over by the BO stanker's administration. Their agenda is long and deep and with wack jobs like Pelosi Dodd and Reid along with the AG, we are doomed.

Pack you your ammo...the sky is falling.

Dream On! said...

@ May 18, 2009 8:47 AM

Until you finish your G.E.D., please stop trying to express your ignorant, uncultured, and uneducated opinion. Try whittling, it's more your speed.

Concerned Conservative said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Concerned Conservative said...

Dream on:

While we'll likely never settle an argument between ourselves regarding political issues, name-calling and insulting your adversaries get's us no where. Although the practice is tempting,

I have done my best to refrain from it. It would behoove you to do the same...if you're capable. Surprise me and show me you can.

Dream On! said...

Right back at you, Cuckoo Conservative!

Your words, as is often the case, can be directly applied to yourself, with appropriate and necessary corrections, of course. Please see below.

"Good thing there's [should be "there are"] on line anonymous discussion forums where low-class screw-balls [should be one word "screwballs"] like your self [should be one word "yourself"] yourselves [should be "themselves"].

You're a piece of dirt and no one cares what dirt thinks." [These words are particularly true of you. Although, I must add, this is a very odd way of using the poetic form of personification. Can dirt really think? Maybe in your world?]

In closing, I beg of you to please, please, please keep posting. The more comments you leave, the more damage you do to yourself. And I'm hopeful others will soon see you as I do, as nothing more than a complete and utter doofus. Eventually, readers of BRISTOLTODAY.COM blog will simply ignore your posts as unworthy of their attention, which they should.

We all await your reply. ;o)

Anonymous said...

CC is right more times than not. And as for Obama's doctrines gaining acceptance, the song I hear lately is the "I'm sorry I voted for him" refrain.

The group on the rise is the Tea Party.

Cheney/Limbaugh/Palin said...

Wagner predicts GOP blowout in 2012 with current strategy of letting Cheney, Limbaugh, and Palin define the party. It's all over for Conservatives!!!

Concerned Conservative said...

Dream on:

Maybe if I sat at home and did nothing all day like you, I would be more careful with my grammar.
Get a life you (stupid left-wing, neo-commie) LOSER.

By the way hyphonating "your-self" is not incorrcect grammar you stupid ignorant ass.

Concerned Conservative said...

Dream on:

Oh I certainly will keep posting. Your petty, small minded, pseudo-intellectual proof-reading lessons don't impress or intimidate me (or anyone) at all.

You just come off as a little twerp with no argument except to pick on little meaningless things. You're really quite pathetic.

I'm somewhat flattered you find such value in attacking me. Obviously I'm ripping your little liberal utopia to shreds and I plan on continuing,

Anonymous said...

If I were CC I would be a tough loud mouth being a coward in hiding! All he is good for is name calling! A figure of speach of coarse! How can any person shudder at his big anonymous mouth?

Anonymous said...

CC Attacking Dream on doesn't scare anyone.You must convince yourself you're bad because no one knows who you are. So lol dream on you faceless wonder.