May 1, 2009

Ward responds to Barnes' flip-flopping accusation

The city’s GOP chairman accused Democratic Mayor Art Ward Friday of committing “the ultimate flip-flop.”

Ward came under fire from T.J. Barnes for declaring this week that the mayor and city councilors should take a 5 percent pay cut after opposing an even smaller pay reduction less than two months ago.

Barnes said that Ward was clearly making “a political play” to garner favor from struggling voters.

Ward that his change in position had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the changing economic realities facing city government.

Two months ago, Ward said, he opposed a proposal to cut mayoral and council pay by 3 percent “because no one at that time was taking cuts.”

But “worsening conditions” now have led him to reconsider, Ward said, since the city is asking its unions for concessions to help officials deliver a property tax freeze this year.

Barnes said it’s clearly meaningful that the mayor made the announcement of his new stance during his formal reelection address.

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Anonymous said...

Wher has Barnes been for the past 18 months?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finially saying something Barnes. Is nice to know the RTC has some kind of leadership.

Anonymous said...

Leadership the kid was born with a silver spoon in his mouth!!!

Anonymous said...

At least they called Ward on the carpet. Its so typical of Art to take credit from someone else's idea. He bad mouth Zoppo just to get ahead. Hope Ward can look at himself in the mirror everyday and like what he sees.

Anonymous said...

Ward that his change in position had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the changing economic realities facing city government.

Do you really think we are that stupid Mayor? 2 months ago is not 2 years ago!! Wake up you did do it for Political reasons - you are a true farce.

Anonymous said...

I'LL say it again.... With the exception of the MAyor, leave the Councilmen pay alone but increase their hours to effectively run this city so that we don't turn into Waterbury or New Britain. There are pockets of this town that are closing nin on that "honor."

gop norm said...

versus their former loud mouthed candidate, ken johnson, who made his declaration for the office of mayor at the last GASB-45 meeting, where he lambasted the mayor for his cuts in "free food" for committees - who is eating "crow" now?
Thank goodness that this didn't carry over until november, we would all be considered "turkeys."

proof said...

One thing is for sure - the gop can't say anything because they DON'T HAVE A CANDIDATE TO SAY ANYTHING.
Great leadership Mr. Barnes.

Embarrassed for you said...

"Its so typical of Art to take credit from someone else's idea."

Take credit? What are we, third graders? He mulled it over, changed his mind and upped the ante, and you want to hang him for it? What a putz!

Anonymous said...

Someone ask Tommy Toupe' how he feels about the government coming in and bank-rolling his fat UAW pension.

Anonymous said...

"Wher (sic) has Barnes been for the past 18 months?"

Have you checked the local polo fields?

Anonymous said...

"Wher (sic) has Barnes been for the past 18 months?"

"Have you checked the local polo fields?"

I am not sure how this is productive to the discussion on hand. Not once does TJ go after Art on a personal level, but apparently his supporters only know one way to open a discussion and that is through personal attacks.

The economy has been bad for quite some time, even when these contracts were being negotiated, but now Ward is recognizing it.

It is commendable that he is trying to hold the line on taxes, but as election day gets closer he seems to be working a little harder for the tax payer and not the Unions. Interesting pattern if you ask me.

results said...

when you lead a party where your standard bearer, ken johnson, sticks it to you; the former standard bearer, stortz, is making you beg him to swim, half of your potential candidates have supported ward in the past and your only hope rests on a veteran park employee with little or no supervisory, civic involvement or legisltive experience - what other choice does barnes have other than to go after ward himself?
looks like an up hill battle TJ with a downward flow.

G Lawton said...

while i commend Mayor Ward for the effort 5% is really nothing how about 25-30,000 dollars that would make a bigger splash and have the superintendent and his asst. also take a cut these 3 cuts in pay alone could alone help big in the budgets to come.
at a time when Bristol is hurting if the these 3 employees of the city really care they will take the cuts for the good of Bristol as a whole, if the residents of this city can make cutbacks in their lives let the leaders of the city do exactley that lead by example.
Also for shame on the union the note left in the bargining room after a session "can we get it back" when the citizens of bristol lose something are they gonna get it back not really, be glad you have the job you do cause you could be one of the 30 that might lose your job if concessions are not made.

Anonymous said...

You appear to be a Ward apologist.
Ward should have known and done something relative to the budget 12 months ago.
And Kloko should have provided him with information and pushed for action.
At the same time, since Ward was sitting on his hands, Barnes should have been prodding him, as well As Johnson should have been pushing too, unless he knew 15 months ago he wasn't running.
In any case, the republicans blew a golden opportunity.

stand up, put up or shut up said...

5:58 - and the last time that you took a 25% or 30% pay cut was ???????????
by the way, if you had an inkling of knowledge, you would know that the city has no say about the functioning of the board of education - get off your butt and ask your state representaives when THEY are going to legislate a more responsible means of addressing every city's property tax reform.

flop-a-lip said...

I think that the only thing that Barnes has to flipping out about is how Ken Johnson stuck it to him after leading him along for the year and a half.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

let's ask a serious question here. Many of you want our politicians to take a pay cut. For the good of the community during these hard economic times.

So my question is how many of you will match that and take a pay cut of your own?

Sure politicians get paid for by "tax-payers."

But many of you get paid by revenue from "consumers"

More so if those "consumers" are from Bristol like Bristol "tax-payers"

I'm mean since your all getting your money from the same pot how 'bout you all step up.

G. lawton said...

in response to the comment shut up or put up.True i have never taken that kind of cut but are you in politics to make money or serve the people.The people of Bristol are struggling and to show that they are in it with them, if we are going struggle then lets all struggle as far as the supt. does not his pay come as part of the city budget or am i mistaking , if i am then i most certainly apologise cause as being new to this whole process sometimes errors are made but i dont think so this time and if it were to help the budget and be used more towards the everyday use of the schools then he would be helping his dept to which he has been charged with. these are just my opinions and at least i am willing to sign my name to them and not hide behind a moniker. thank you

Anonymous said...

" "Two months ago, Ward said, he opposed a proposal to cut mayoral and council pay by 3 percent “because no one at that time was taking cuts.”

Please tell me my mayor did not make such a ridiculous statement as this, devoid of any leadership on the subject of give-backs....if the secretary making $14 an hour wasn't giving back, then damn it, neither was he? Oh boy.

truth said...

9:12 - it means that he isn't doing it for political reasons, he is doing it in respect to the fact that he is asking others to sacrifice and feels that the elected officials should demonstrate the fact that they are also a part of the solution being sought.
bottom line is that all of our highly paid department heads and upper level oficials should voluntarily follow suit.

Anonymous said...

Ward is so two-faced. He is so typical of telling the voters what they want to hear, and at the same time promises his union buddies the sky. C'mon Ward - belly up to the bar and have a few more on the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

"He is so typical" - Huh?

What's really typical is your daily dose of childish, pointless, assinine babble...YAWN... ;-O

Anonymous said...

9:59am - Mayor how about working instead of blogging. I see a nerve was hit.

Anonymous said...

10:21 - Also typical of your usual style of blogging - WRONG!!!
LMAO! What a schlep!

Anonymous said...

Schlep - you are the Mayor. Getting your ego stroked on your work time now?

Anonymous said...

1:09, What dope! I am most definitely NOT the mayor, but keep making your accusations. It's what you do best!...lies, accusations and general bullsh#t...schlep!

Anonymous said...

Artie, you are LUCKY that Barnes is the TC.

Anyone else would have hung you out to dry a long time ago.

gusty said...

8:49 - keep blowing in the wind so that we are not exposed to your hot air, blow=hard.