May 5, 2009

Lake Compounce manager likes idea of naming road for Norton

The city may seek to rename the access road that runs between its 229 Technology Park and the parking lots for Lake Compounce.

The one mile long road could be named something like the J. Harwood "Stretch" Norton Boulevard, Mayor Art Ward said Tuesday.

Ward said he would see if Lake Compounce, which leases the road, had any concerns about the proposal.

The manager at Lake Compounce, Jerry Brick, said he likes the idea.

“It would be a nice tribute to him and a nice way for his family to remember that he is connected to the park,” Brick said.

“I’ve been nothing but a fan of his since I’ve been here,” he added.

Norton, a former mayor who died April 3, managed the nation’s oldest amusement park until his family sold it in 1985. His family had owned at least part of the park since it began in 1846.

The city is also eyeing the possibility of renaming the road that runs alongside the park, but most of it is in Southington, where it is called Mt. Vernon Road. It becomes Lake Avenue when it reaches the Bristol line.

Changing the name of the four-lane access road would be easier, because the city owns it and nobody lives along it.

Former Mayor William Stortz suggested this week that steps be taken to honor Norton. He suggested renaming a road near the park that Norton loved.

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Anonymous said...

Watch out Ward will take credit for this one.

so said...

ward is the one who suggested the bristol road idea - stortz suggested the southington idea

GOP Gal said...

What a fitting tribute.

Anonymous said...

They should rename the midway inside the park to Norton Way. Who cares about a road that everyone will always call the Access Road. If your going to rename any road then it should be Lake Ave.

Bill Stortz said...


Didn't want this to become a political football, but to set the record straight, here is a copy of the Email I sent the Mayor.
(I am not sure I copied the letter earlier, I apologize if this is a duplication)

May 4, 2009

The Honorable Art Ward, Mayor
City Hall
111 North Main Street
Bristol Connecticut 06010

Dear Mayor Ward,

I realize that it has been just a few weeks since “Stretch” Norton passed away, but I don’t think it is too soon to start to consider as to he might be memorialized.

I also realize that the city has certain guidelines as to how soon it might take action, but hopefully they don’t preclude looking as to what might be done, when the time is appropriate.

We all know that Stretch was very deeply involved with the Lake for so many years, and the fact that the state might be involved in helping relocate the road to and from the Lake, renaming that stretch (no pun intended) in his honor might be a possibility. The state may not be under any time constraints, so quicker action might be in order.

Stretch served his country, the State of Connecticut, and the City of Bristol in many ways, and for many, many years. He certainly deserves the consideration and support of the city of Bristol in any and every effort to preserve his memory and accomplishments.

I would be proud and willing to take part in any effort in this regard.


William T. Stortz

Anonymous said...

Miss you, Stretch.

Anonymous said...

Let's rename North Main Street... Nicastro Street.
The Boulevard could be called the Art Ward Veteran's Memorial Blvd. Center Street can be Ellen Zoppo Street.

and? said...

so what is the point mr. stortz, you suggested a southington tribute and ward suggested a bristol tribute?
why would this be a political football; unless you want it to be?

Anonymous said...

"Watch out Ward will take credit for this one"

Nope, Stortz is the one shouting his brilliance from the roof tops!!!

Anonymous said...

Lake Avenue should forever be Lake Avenue, with all regards to Stretch.

Anonymous said...

Ward, taking someone elses idea and making it his own.

Juliet Norton said...

May I propose the road be re-named in honor of the beloved Julian Norton, "Stretch's" father. Lake Compounce was his life and was the most successful during his time.
I believe Stretch deserves a bigger and better honor for all he did for the city of Bristol - including Lake Compounce. Perhaps a fountain or some other memorial in the yet to be developed "Renaissance" area. Fitting, too, because it's right across from City Hall.