May 21, 2009

GOP slams Wright again

Press release from Art Mocabee, a state Republican official and former Bristol GOP chairman:

Siting Wright's recent blunder to the residents of Bristol in his district and the rest of the citizens in Connecticut, Art Mocabee 2nd Vice Chairman of Connecticut Republicans stated the Wright has once again "gone off the reservation and completely embarrassed the City of Bristol".

"His attempt to atone for the his vote to increase the taxes on Bristol residents as well as the rest of the state is well documented, Mocabee said, and will be further scrutinized as he plods through the halls of the Connecticut legislature". 

While a member of the transportation committee, Wright added nothing to the dialogue held at recent Bristol Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting featuring the Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Transportation. " If he can not speak to his own constituents how can he speak on the floor of the House? Instead he sits in the chamber with a hat on." Mocabee said, referring to U-Tube link above.

"Never have I seen such a poor display of legislative leadership by a member of the Bristol Delegation. He makes Colopietro look kind of smart maybe. It seems that he is not getting good advice", Mocabee said. 

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Anonymous said...

Wright looks like a little boy with the hat on. He is an embarassment. Burns we need you back. HELP!!

Anonymous said...

And where does your candidate stand on all this?

You can't beat somebody with nobody!

Anonymous said...

Betcha Ward is laughing all the way to November

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the GOP paid for rights to the music used in this video.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Wright personally, but I know he is a new, 1st term representative. You can't expect him to be perfect. He is going to take his lumps and have his share of "do over" situations. He is still very much in a learning phase. Give him time to learn the job. He is not perfect and the experience will come. The proposed legislation was defeated anyway. No harm no foul. Apparently, the gag order that Ed Krawicki had put on McCabee a few years back has been lifted. If he is going to carry the banner again for the Rep party, the party is once again doomed.

Odin said...

"Never have I seen such a poor display of legislative leadership by a member of the Bristol Delegation", Mocabee said.

At least, not since Representative Ed Krawiecki snuck through a bill that earned him the biggest ethics fine every paid by a CT state legislator. Does Chris's vote rank up there with that "Great Moments of Infamy," Mr. Mocabee?

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
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DONE said...


Anonymous said...

Chris Wright has told me that he will do everything in his power to protect ESPN. That's good enough for me.

Tom Cosgrove

Anonymous said...

How about He is not even on the Transportation committie. But why check fact it is a Rebublican press release

nasty said...

typical moccabee dirt - if moccabee had a decent bone in his body, it would be broken.

Anonymous said...

This is hardly Mocabee dirt. This is about our legislator who is not representing us, who is making wrong decisions, and who seems to have some kind of vendetta against his own constituents. Joe Voter doesn't know what's going on. Thanks, Mocabee, for getting Joe Voter's attention on this one.

Gary Klemyk said...

I love how everyone on this board tries to move away from what the real point of topic is. Its not Art Mocabee. Its how Chris Wright is not representing his City. Every time Chris Wright walks into that Capital he represents Bristol first and foremost, then the rest of the state. So, for Chris to even consider raising taxes on any business means he was not putting Bristol first.

Anonymous said...


Which is who, Wright or Mocabee??

truthbtold said...

A fact to be heard is that the only reason the proposed this bill which by the way was not just espn but the entire state,The committee said if you want these tax breaks then come to our committee and explain why these breaks are so important. Espn was one of the first companys to show up, so lets not be the lynching sqaud so quick lets instead look at the whole picture and the facts before we throw rocks.

confused / dismayed said...

Why doesn't anyone in here want espn to be paying taxes ?

No wonder we are in such dire straits .

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey truthbtold when are you going to realize they don't know how to tell the truth?

Anonymous said...

Making stuff up????

Chris Wright voted to remove the exemptions and admits it proudly.

He got caught with his pants down putting the leadership of his party 1st and not Bristol.

Good for Mocabee for bring this out...all Bristol residents should know.

Anonymous said...

Mr. K.
Are you saying that Mocabee is representing the Republican Party?

Anonymous said...

Gary - it seems AnonymousWestconnStudent is avoiding the the issue as well. He also needs to understand politics because last time I checked most if not all Republicans are against any kind of tax increase. Maybe I am missing something here?

last place again said...

we know one thing for sure, moccabee can only throw dirt from the outside because he can't get elected to anything.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sad that wannabe mocabee needs to make other people look bad so he can look good (and it ain't working!)

Anonymous said...

While Wright did screw up, his election is 18 months away.
What are Mocabee and the republicans doing about Ward, whose election is less than 6 months away?
Do they even have a candidate?

I think they should redirect their efforts to the local elections, and the many mistakes that Ward has made.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
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Concerned Conservative said...

"He makes Colopietro look kind of smart maybe"

Maybe but probably not!


Anonymous said...

Chris Wright is a class act in my dealings with him when asked to help he does when asked a question he answers it and if he doesnt have an answer he will find somebody that does.
I didnt work on his first campaign but I will be there next time.
Keep fighting Chris keep fighting!!!

Concerned Conservative said...

Tom Cosgrove:

Placing new sales taxes on ESPN and increasing capital equipment taxes isn't my idea of "protecting" it.

The problem here is that government groupies don't understand that this is a free country (even still with Comrade Obama as our "leader") and that businesses can come and go as they please. Large corporations like Disney can have big revenue generators in a municipality, town or state. But if the company judges the governments in those types of regions to be unfair, they can easily relocate.

I think it's as simple as norrow-minded, naive ideological zealots (traits associated with people of limited intelligence, like Wright) who just don't understand the reality of business, commerce and our economic system in general.

The poor guy is over his head. I honestly feel sorry for him. He screwed up, the GOP is calling him on it. That's politics.

Concerned Conservative said...


Ask Roger Michele and Gerry Couture about that.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how on guy says Republicans are against any taxes.
Is this guy crazy? Have you not noticed thier is a 10 billion dollar problem in CT.
Lets say that Chris wright and the dems give mama Rell what she want and pass HER Budget!!
It would be 3 Billion dollars short!!
By law she would have to VETO her OWN budget.
But lets say thats were we start now every fee in the state has got to double according to her budget thhat includes everything from a fishing license to the license you need to work.
Now the other 3 billion.
The state would strip all aid to towns which would triple ESPN's property taxes not to mention the halting of every service from trash pickup to police protection.
Its easy to say I am against taxes but it takes a leader to fix the problem.
Thats why republicans got pounded in November and will again this year

Anonymous said...

May 23, 2009 2:42 PM - your right fees should go up! Leave the taxes alone! I must pay 10 taxes before I go to bed at night....Where is all our money going? We have 2 casinos! and a state income tax - and we have some of the wealthiest people that live in our state. But for some reason the Democratics that controlled the house have a problem with spending money or should I say spending money wisely. Don't blame Rell either! Every Repulican has come up with some sort of idea and it has been shot down.

Anonymous said...

I personally would like to see a "Town Hall" style city council debate. Elect one moderate democrat and one moderate republican to mediate. Personally, I know a couple of conservative candidates that would inflict some serious damage to thier opponents if only this town would listen.... If only.

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:42...get your head out of your butt. Over the last 10 years the number of state employees has nearly doubled, we have lost a congressional saet and the budget has grown nearly 5 fold.

We have ONLY LIBERAL FAT CAT DEMOCRATS WHO ARE OWNED BY THE UNIONS TO THANK FOR THAT. You are right the budget has gapping holes...because of fat cat unionites contracts...ciontracts that like this city give workers FREE HEALTH INSURANCE after retirement.

Governor Rell, GOD BLESS HER, does not want to lay off people (much to the disappointment of some), she wants to get rid of stupid commissions that do nothing but act as employment agencys, she got the greedy unions to agree to a 2 year no lay off clause when those union robbers wanted 4 years..she is lucky to get what she got considering how few votes she controls in the legislature.

So don't be blaming her ...blame your democrate unionites who control this city and this state. In a declining population the state employment ranks swell...that makes no sense unless you are a unionite and a democratlegislator.

The domocrat / unionite formula is for the democrat...the democrat will raise taxes and give jobs to the unionite whether they are needed or not....and then give you the most expensive benefit package tax dollars can by.

Weakening said...

All Republicans must read this article. The party is weakening, but there's still hope; maybe even for Cuckoo Conservative. ;o)

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey 8:04 your post is funny to say the least.
It most certainly is not based on facts!!!
The actual UNIONIZED employement level is LOWER than it was 10 years ago not higher and that takes into account the 1500 new corrections officers we need now that you NEO-CONS have pushed thru bill to keep everybody in jail.
On the other hand under mama Rell and Johnny the felon patronage jobs have increased by 75% those jobs are more than $100,000 a year and after either 4 years in that job or ten years total state service it gaurantees the a pension of at LEAST $80,000 and health care bennies for LIFE!!!
And the unions are the problem???
Get a life you concervative hack.
Some othe services you are going to see cut you are not going to like for example anymore cuts for resthomes means YOU will have to put an inlaw apartment on for mother in law then either YOU or your WIFE will have to quit there job to take care of her and that is only the begining.
Fact is there have been ZERO ideas from the republicans to balance this budget, not one !they are doing what they and you do best putting thier heads in the sand.
its great to see you bashing unions, boy that sure gets republicans elected in this town LMAO.
Go Chris Go!!!
These guys can't and wont beat you and they know it.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey 8:04 your post is just an outright lie.
The unions never demanded 4 years of job security and the great Rell herself never stepped foot in the room and her surragates came looking for between 3 and 400 miilion but those Greedy union guys as you call them decided to one up her and come forward with 700 million.
As for getting rid of those commissions, well you should be careful what you wish for, most of those commissions and agencys were set up because the federal government uses them as a conduit to push thru federal dollars to the state and the city for that matter.
And mama Rell has been horrible when it comes to asking or for that matter excepting FREE money from the fed.
By ignoring them she passed over that money that instead went to build abridge to nowhere in that state that other loser runs.
Oh yes when that loser decided that the bridge wouldn't be built after saying it should be SHE KEPT THE MONEY Anyway!!!
Last year alone Mama Rell lost out on the 27 million dollars and during her term she has refused or lost out on over 100 million dollars that would be ours.
people ask me if I think Rell will run for re-election and I tell them this:
Where can you make $150,000 a year show up less than one day a week and have your aide run the state. (into the ground I might ad)
You are funny, not very truthful but very funny.
Mama Rell as well as Johnny felony were both crooks the only difference is he got caught.
May god save the state of CT. (p.s. please hurry)

Anonymous said...

Hey westcon I noticed you said state and municipal employees per 1,000 but never mentioned county employees. And for good reason too fact is CT has zero county employees and most other states do this is how the numbers get skwered.
So why don't we start with facts, once again I've noticed isn't the strongest suit on this blog.
Robert H. Frank a Cornell and NYU economist who teaches governmnt studies as well as writes book and colums on the economy and people has stated that when the TOTAL number of public sector employees are added, that would be state, municipal and COUNTY employees, CT is the 4th LEANEST state in the nation! thats right leanest, right behind Louisiana.
Theyu also have one of the lowest Corporate taxes in the nation.The highest corporate taxed state in the nation is Alaska.
Every year when the state borrows to finance capitol projects it gets a bond rating and for the last ten years CT's rating say that CT doesn't have a spending problem it has a REVENUE problem!
When the passed the income tax in 1991 the capitol gains on investment tax was 14.5% but to get Fairfield county (Bill Nickerson) to vote for the Income taxe they had to shave 10.5% from the cap gains tax which was a windfall for the very rich and has been for 18 years.
It's time for CT to step up to the plate and pass a progressive income tax as well as close corporate loopholes like the one that has allowed Webster Bank to pay ZERO corporate taxes for the last ten YEARS!!!
In order to have taxpayers we need to pay them enough to pay taxes a guy making $10 an hour pay virtually no taxes. The race to the bottom must end now!!

Concerned Conservative said...

The last thing we need are more Democrats ruining the state of Connecticut.

Unions in the private sector may have decreased (because they started driving the heavy industry jobs out of the US years ago) but the public sector is totally unionized and is growing.

Comrade Obama is pushing for pro-union, anti-business legislation called "card check" which will make it eaiser for unions to force workers into become unionized (and which will make businesses less competitive and will drive more jobs out of the country). Chrysler and GM are going to be owned largely by the unions (which is like giving a rapist a settlement from someone he raped).

Government and the public sector is entirely to blame for the budget deficits we face. I give credit to people on both sides for watching and monitoring mistakes from their opponents, but blaming Governor Rell and not big-spending liberal Democrats is preposterous.

Concerned Conservative said...


Why do you keep posting things when you have no idea (obviously) what you're talking about.

If you think ESPN is obliged to stay here for any reason you're wrong. The governmentment has no control over them leaving what so ever. Ask someone who actually has a clue like the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce.

This statement of your's: "ESPN as a corporation is an entity of government because it was the government who ESPN went to to become a corporation in the first place" is so stupid, you should be ashamed of yourself. What you're saying here is dillusional. You're a disgrace to West Conn.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
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Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favor call Chris Wright yourself

Concerned Conservative said...


I disgrace myself by carrying on a conversation about public policy with an idiot like you.

In addition to being combative and obnoxious, you just don't seem to grasp anything.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
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Anonymous said...

If CC can be anything but a biased crybaby he might be of some use. But oh well !!!!

Anonymous said...

"The idea that higher taxes make businesses move away is just plain wrong."

Student, as a business owner let me tell you, you couldn't be more wrong on this. I am making plans to move my company out for two reasons: 1) Growing tax rates are making it difficult to make a profit here. 2) With liberal Democrat legislators having the majority, things are not likely to improve anytime soon.

Many have left before me, and more will leave in the near future. Eventually there will be no businesses in CT. And then who will pay for your liberal education, where you learn taxes don't affect businesses?

Good luck.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...
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Anonymous said...

Macawbre is back . Can't you tell his big mouth !

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