May 6, 2009

Bristol in line for $557K in federal energy efficiency cash

Press release from state Rep. Chris Wright, a Bristol Democrat:



$557,5000 Earmarked For Bristol


State Representative Chris Wright (D-Bristol) announced that federal stimulus money is available and can go directly to municipalities for energy efficiency programs.


Bristol is slated to receive $557,500 from the stimulus package for energy efficiency projects.  In order to secure the funding local officials need only to provide the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) with a plan outlining the proposed usage for the funds.


According to the DOE, approved usage of the funds includes energy audits, retro fits, energy distribution, establishing financial incentives to encourage energy efficiency, or developing a conservation and efficiency strategy.  Municipalities are able to utilize the money that works best for them to increase efficiency and conservation.


“ This is good news for Bristol because the infusion of funds from the federal government, not only increases high tech jobs in the green energy field, but can also help reduce municipal costs by lowering operating expenses,” Rep. Wright said. “In addition, the federal program helps us make our cities and towns more efficient without straining the state’s existing funds.”


Towns with a population over 35,000 must submit their plan directly to the U.S. Department of Energy by June 25th in order to secure their allocated funds.  Smaller towns can apply to the Office of Policy and Management for a portion of the lump sum designated for small towns.


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old hat said...

this old news was reported in the press weeks ago chris, need to stay up with the news when it happens.

Concerned Conservative said...

Looks like Wright is right in line with his liberal hero Obama...spending tax payer money on do-nothing projects.

Anonymous said...

There seem to be enough dim bulbs at city hall at the moment, no need for more. Seems their idea of reducing engergy is to do nothing at all. Quite well at it i might add.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

So you guys want to pay more taxes to cover the city's energy costs?

I'm a little confused here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Westconn...

The stimulus money is taxpayer money. It's not just some money that fell from Heaven, no strings attached.

Anonymously Confused said...

Anonymous and Concerned both need to read prior to spouting off about things that they know nothing about - confused? what an understatement.

unlit said...

dim bulbs at city hall? and they can blog while working also.

Anonymous said...

We'll need it when ESPN leaves because of Wright's Votes.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Start with shutting of one set of the double lights on N. Main street, as has been suggested by many, and cut down on the excessive lighting on the far end of James p. Casey.

A no brainer, and at no cost!

What is the holdup?

Concerned Conservative said...

Unlike a lot of you children I pay a light bill. I believe in setting up energy efficient government buildings, etc.

However private companies should be able to spend what they want. If they save money on energy conservation, that's their business. If it's too costly to implement saving what the government considers something worthy, private companies should not have to worry about losing a tax break.

Exactly who is paying for these incentives? Our children and our grandchildren are going to pay for Obama/Pelosi's schemes.

Also exacly what is the "stimilus" in this. If dumb a__ Obama wanted to stimulate the economy he's lower environmental regulations (like the countries that are stealing all our jobs) instead of implementing more regulations and implementing more meddling, government plans.

I guess some of us can read between the lines, form an opinion of our own and others like "Anonymously Confused" can't.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

"The stimulus money is taxpayer money. It's not just some money that fell from Heaven, no strings attached"

You're right. But the taxpayer money from the federal stimulus saves taxpayers from paying more in Bristol. Since everyone complains about paying taxes in Bristol I figured the money saved by the city would be better appreciated.

Oh well.

Concerned Conservative said...

Good thing, say the nanny-staters, that the Feds guide us to do what's right.

Hey Wright wouldn't you rather see the money go to bailout the UAW/GM and government pensions? Who's going to pay for that?

Concerned Conservative said...
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Anonymous said...

I really hope my paycheck goes up before we have to start paying back all this spending that is going on!!

Concerned Conservative said...

Yay, the city get's $1/2 million but my income taxes go up.

Anonymous said...

lets give the $$$ right to ESPN...

they seem to be in a bullying mood with bristol, so lets give 'em some bucks to shut 'em up !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Couldnt the city use to replace their dead in the water furnace at city hall?

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

Yes cause racing to the bottom is the surefire way to stimulate any economy. If we were making less than a dollar a day that would stimulate the economy too.

Never mind that Bush did lower environmental regulations and the economy still went into the toilet.

But here's one idea how it could work:

The City invests in greening buildings which would mean improved hvac work, new lighting, new insulation. All of which can be done by local contractors.

Energy efficient vehicles that can be produced by automakers like GM.

Making public services more energy efficient like water distribution or public works.

And replacing technology and equipment that is going to be outdated and eventually replaced anyway.

Plus while your income taxes MAY go up, the money coming from the federal government means more people are paying for improved services in Bristol, and not just Bristol taxpayers.

Of course there might be other ways and more creative measures to use this money, but the fact remains that in the long run Bristol benefits.

Anonymous said...

I gather that means you support the idea of new schools?

Also, what assures us that ALL stimulus money will be spent for causes as noble as this? Or will some go for a frisbie golf ourse somewhere? We would be paying for that, wouldn't we?

Anonymous said...

During the campaign, Chris was talking about using tax payer dollars to help ESPN. Instead, he jumps on board with a huge tax burden. Since no one is reporting how Chris is really voting and "helping" Bristol, here is a video link that gives some actual facts.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

"Also, what assures us that ALL stimulus money will be spent for causes as noble as this?"

One, the city would have to present a plan before recieving the money.

Two, recieving the stimulus money will have some oversight.

Three, If our city leaders do the things you describe we will eventually find out. And that will be cause to throw them out.