May 19, 2009

Human rights panel still on hold

Letter sent by Monica (Ervin) Fore, a civil rights activist, to Mayor Art Ward this morning:

Dear Mayor Ward,
Something's wrong with the Bristol Press this morning!  Minorities in this city were promised a human rights commission that hasn't even come to fruition as promised and yet the city attorney's are begging for more insurance...and 
"threatening" to resign if they don't get it by June 1st. 
Now they can call me what they want and I really don't care but the nerve of city officials calling me and my group radical, crazy and God knows what else we've been called because we are standing up for ourselves in this city.  Now suppose we (minorities) put on a protest to get the human rights commission that we were promised.  What would our city attorney's say about us then? 
We, minorities, have been fair and just with our city leaders only for them to turn around and disrespect us.  We have not been called back to the table to discuss the human rights commission as promised. Attorney Lacey has not shared his ideas with us as he promised and Rev. Collins and William Whitehead have on numerous occasions requested information on the status of the commission only for their requests to fall on deaf ears.  
It is only fair that our city officials create the human rights commission first before jumping into spending money on other new projects.  The minorities in this town have complained on numerous occasions about the unjust treatment going on in our city. In fact, I just emailed a complaint to you on yesterday regarding a minority who went to the police department to make a complaint and was denied the right to do so.  
And so, before the vote on health insurance there should be a vote on the human rights commission. And that vote should be a YES vote as promised.
Monica Fore

Update at 11:40 a.m., Tuesday: Mayor Ward wrote this response a few minutes ago:
Monica, the health benefits issue is not moving forward and the Human Rights Commission is being addressed.
Mayor Ward
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Anonymous said...

This letter is rather unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

For a woman who claims to be highly educated, she definately needs a lesson in writing skills and proof reading.

A human rights commission is a nice idea, but at this point in City has far more important things to deal with. This can take a seat on the back burner until the budget is settled and new lawyers are brought into the Corporation Counsel office.

I just hope that when they do create a human rights commission of sorts that they involve a divers set of minorities instead of just who Monica thinks should be on the panel.

Anonymous said...

I should practice what I preach. I made a few errors in my message to!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Fore:

You have the basic human right given to all citizens in this country, to pack your bags and leave.

Please do so.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath - Mayor Ward makes promises and offers lots of hot air.

Anonymous said...

What a nut....all me, me me!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Fore:

You have the right to express yourself and fight for what you believe in. Please stay and fight! We need more people like you in this country.

More power to you!

We shall overcome...

Anonymous said...

After 18 months, NO PROGRESS!

Has Ward appointed any new minorities????

Stortz did.

Anonymous said...

I think a human rights commission is a good idea. However, I think that maybe Monica Fore is a poor choice for a leader of this movement. I have seen her at the council meetings, and she has a lot of causes, does not argue those causes very effectively, and seems to come with a lot of baggage. I just wonder if Monica's image discredits the movement for a human rights commission.

There are a lot of great community and church leaders in Bristol who could really spearhead an effective campaign.

Also, it might be perceived as more of a "movement" and less "one woman's grudge" if other supporters of this human rights commission would attend city meetings, or perhaps sign a proper petition that could be submitted to the city council at a meeting.

The reality though, is that most people who would be benefitted by a human rights commission don't vote (and aren't even registered). Just ask your registrar of voters about the percentage of apartment-dwellers who vote in the elections. If these people would be sure to exercise the rights they DO have, they would have more of a voice when it comes time to make the politicians deliver on their promises.

In short, one Monica Fore is not enough; 20 or 30 similarly-minded folks who will go to a meeting or two en masse would probably do the trick. They don't even have to picket from 4-5:30 and 6:40-7:05 at city hall on the day of a city council meeting to be effective (although that would also help, and they should probably call Steve ahead of time so and article can be written and their picture can be taken and put on the front page of the press).

Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

@ May 19, 2009 1:33 PM

"What a nut....all me, me me!"

Are you talking about Monica or Cuckoo Conservative?

Anonymous said...

The problem is Monica herself. She is her own worst enemy. There are many many many well qualified, effective and well respected minorities in this community that would be a fantastic asset to launching a Human Rights Commission. The problem is that Monica isn't one of them, and the good people won't go near anything that has Monica attached to it.

If they want an effective, proactive and successful Human Rights Commission, they need to keep Monica far away from it.

Anonymous said...

If Monica were to ever get over her obsession with herself, day in and day out, she would be a force to be reckoned with. As it is, she's just an annoyance.

Anonymous said...


Is there a difference?

Anonymous said...

@ May 20, 2009 7:19 AM

Yes, the difference is Monica is courageous, a better writer, and has a more holistic view of life. Cuckoo Conservative is cowardly, a crappier writer, and myopic to a fault.

Concerned Conservative said...

May 20, 2009 12:36 PM

In your warped, hackneyed, twisted, and false delineation of me you actually and completely describe yourself.

Concerned Conservative said...

Steve, I must ask how does the following quote; "Cuckoo Conservative is cowardly, a crappier writer, and myopic to a fault" not violate your supposed policy, "Be polite, please. I will delete posts that are too mean-spirited"

I try and make thoughful commentary regarding issues related to your posts here. You invite comments. But then this mean-spirited, spiteful poltroon anonymously attacks me for no other reason but to insult and defame me. What gives?

Never Give Up! said...

"I try and make thoughful [sic] commentary regarding issues related to your posts here."

Keep trying, Cuckoo! With some luck, one of these days you'll actually succeed at making a thoughtful comment.

Anonymous said...

I do not care if she is educated. She only needs to have common sense.

Who voted her and her two friends representatives of the the Bristol minority population?

Anonymous said...

Look who's talking! What's a divers set of minorities ?

Anonymous said...

"But then this mean-spirited, spiteful poltroon anonymously attacks me for no other reason but to insult and defame me. What gives?"

Honesty is an absolute defense.

Anonymous said...

Go get em Monica!

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