May 19, 2009

Republicans push Krawiecki

Both of the city's Republican councilors said hiring Ed Krawiecki, Jr to fill one of the part-time city attorney slots is a no-brainer.
Councilor Mike Rimcoski said that he and fellow GOP Councilor Ken Cockayne were ready all along to back Mayor Art Ward's bid to tap Krawiecki to fill a vacant city lawyer position.
But the Democratic council members were firmly opposed.l
"That's why his name didn't come up," Rimcoski said.
Both Rimcoski and Cockayne said that Krawiecki, who served as city attorney from 2006 until early 2008, has the background to step in quickly and lend a hand.
"He can pick up the ball right where it is," Rimcoski said.
The city's only two part-time lawyers, Dale Clift and Jeff Steeg, have turned in resignations effective June 1. They said they might reconsider if the city included them in its heathcare plan.
But Ward said he has no interest in keeping either of the attorneys on the job.
Cockayne called the two lawyers' tactics an attempt at "blackmail" in order to force officials to give in.
He said that when he heard the news, "I was pretty upset."
Cockayne said the mayor took the right stand. But, he said, he wouldn't let them stick around until June 1.
"I would have walked them out of the building," Cockayne said.

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Anonymous said...

Cockayne and Rimcoski support Krawiecki: clean sweep for democrats.

And Ed will be out come November.

Dumb politics on the part of the republicans: Ed doesn't need the money, just the ego and power.

Guess he doesn't see a republican getting elected as mayor.

cockayne addict said...

Go Cockayne GO!

I'll be attending all your fundraisers sir!

Thank you

Anonymous said...

"I'll be attending all your fundraisers sir"

Of course you're his mother!

Anonymous said...

Largest ethics fine ever in the State of Connecticut. Largest ethics fine ever in the State of Connecticut. Largest ethics fine ever in the State of Connecticut. Ed, think of your family. Leave this door closed.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with 11:24. That's one big, scary skeleton that should remain in Ed's closet FOREVER. The Republicans pushing Krawiecki should push him back in the closet and firmly bolt the door!

Anonymous said...

Krawiecki gets in, Baldwin is gone!

Case closed.

Concerned Conservative said...

Ward and Cockayne are both correct on this.


Anonymous said...

If Ward and the democrats accept Krawiecki after the shots he has taken at Wright, then they are not defending their own and can expect the same in the future.

Frankly, as a democrat, I am appaled at what Ward is doing.

Anonymous said...

If a politician doesn't do what he says and doesn't support the constituents that elected him, what's wrong with democrats and republicans pointing that out and holding him accountable? In the spirit of integrity, I would rather people do the right thing and speak the truth regardless of party affiliation! Many of you are too conditioned to follow and not think for yourselves. What about thinking about what Ed said and judging that on it's own merit?
I like Ed and think he'd be great. I also like Ward and think that he is really trying to do a good job. Can the best person be appointed or elected in Bristol without partisanship?

time & place - not said...

I am apalled at the fact that 5:27 claims to be a democrat, sounds more like a disgruntled misfit.

Anonymous said...

Bristol would be lucky to get Ed Krawiecki. If I were mayor, he'd be the first attorney I'd call. And I'm also a Democrat.

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