May 11, 2009

A Texas billionaire and Rob Simmons

Former Republican congressional candidate Joe Visconti said that he was talking to U.S. Senate hopeful Rob Simmons recently about the difficulty of raising money for a campaign in Connecticut.
Visconti said it's hard to raise money for the GOP in the Nutmeg State "because nobody thinks we can win" against incumbent Democrats.
He said that he and Simmons both recognized the need to raise money in Red States where Republicans hold sway.
In fact, Visconti said, Simmons told him he "was flying to Texas to get money from a billionaire" to help unseat Dodd.
I guess Dodd's allies on Wall Street, who have lavished campaign contributions on Connecticut's senior senator, aren't the only ones with big bucks.
Not sure who our Simmons is talking to down in Texas, but it could be this guy.

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Anonymous said...

Visconti is a loser who had no message. Thats why he couldn't get people in the party to give him any money!

who cares said...

the gop needs to realize that all the money in the world will not make these losers become incumbents - they are already labeled as "winners."

Concerned Conservative said...

I'm still waiting for your story on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and it's contributions to Chris Dood and Obama.

How about something about Congressman Barney Frank (from our neigboring state to the north)and his gay lover and Fannie Mae executive Herb Moses?

But I guess I won't hold my breath.

Steve Collins said...

You're never going to see that, CC, because I write about BRISTOL, not Chris Dodd, President Obama, Fannie Mae or Barney Frank. There a million and one bloggers and reporters covering them. Our turf is BRISTOL.