May 2, 2009

Be sure to say hey at the duck race on Sunday

I'll be manning the table for The Tattoo and Youth Journalism International at the Forestville Duck Race on Sunday. I believe we'll be on the sidewalk in front of Nuchies. Anyway, come say hello.
We'll be giving away duck tattoos -- of course -- and if you ask nicely, our famed cartoonist Justin Skaradosky may be willing to sign some of his work for you.

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A Freind said...

Mr. Collins we spoke for a few brief minutes and i am sure you spoke to a few others but i forgot to mention something that i saw on a blog awhile ago when Mr. Cezelewski sia dhe was going to run and down on the blog a bit someone had posted that they knew another person who was running as a candidate for the third district but he has been hesitant to say anything especially after some meetings he had with the upper republican members. His name is Gary Lawton or for some who went to school when he did he would be Gary Graff or , Graffmonster or Monsterand i think he is some one you should maybe talk to. He has some really great ideas for Bristol but feels that maybe because he would be new to the process people would not take him serious. I encourage you to look him up and talk with him you may find the new fresh ideas that Bristol may need to really bring the city to a new level, cause to use a phrase that he borrowed from Dennis Siegmann, his wrestling coach from high school and who was the principal at Central, Think Bristol, Talk Bristol, Be Bristol and with that this city can go anywere. I am not going to say my name because some of us a s his friends promised hime we would not say anything but i can stay quiet no longer and feel he needs to be recognized. thank you

Anonymous said...

If he needs to be recognized then he should come forward. If he's had meetings with "upper republican members" they must not be too impressed. Even the Republicans are smart enough I think not to try to market someone named Monster as a viable candidate. And since when do guys change their names after highschool - was he born again or something? Maybe he's trying to cover up a tawdry past? It's inspiring to see a candidate quote their wrestling coach as opposed to someone like a founding father, respected business leader, or even someone like Lou Hotltz for goodness sakes!

Anonymous said...

What exactly is a Freind? Sounds German.

And how does this relate to the duck race?

Anonymous said...

May 4, 2009 9:35 AM:
Agreed, how about we give a prize for the guy or gal who can peg off the most ducks with a pellet gun?

As for council, I'd like to nominate Mortimer Snerd, by best buddy.

Anonymous said...

i thought lou holtz was a coach so obviously you dont know who a coach is and who isn't and also if you know so much about quotes you would know that many coaches , famous and sometimes not so famous are quoted cause to some it does not matter how famous they are they are famous to the people lives they have changed, and far as the name change it was done out of respect for his stepfather, gee showing respect for an adult wow what a concept, and as far as a name monster it was his nickname in school, i am all sure we had some sort of nickname of sorts when in high school or something our friends called us as a show of friendship.
I have known gary for some time and he cares very much about this city and if you are any indication of the reason why he has not really come forward then i say to bad for the city of Bristol, because it has lost someone who thought that like him peoplpe cared about Bristol as he does and not about what kind of name you use or how popular you are in politics areana here but really just care about the city and what we as a city can do as a team to make it better so sad . and as far as what it has to do with the duck race maybe i just felt that Mr. Collins should know since i did not get a chance to talk to him about it specifically cause we did talk about a few otrher things. Sorry for such a mistake on my part

Can' t Believe it said...

boy its amazing how people pick up on the smallest thing yes i think freind is german but then agian i am sure you never made any type of error sorry for not being so perfect thats why they are called mistakes, oh and one more thing while i have never met Mr.Lawton true maybe the republicans might be smart enough not to take him serioous because i guess they have so many candidates to chose from because everyone is flocking to the party

Anonymous said...

With Freinds like you, Gary Lawton doesn't need a campaign manager! He's practically elected already.

Anonymous said...

The big shots told him he couldn't win, just like they told Ken Johnson.

Guess they have all the answers.

Anonymous said...

Steve, are the duck race winners posted anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Duck winners have been posted on the chamber web site:
The list has also been sent to the Press for release.
Thanks for asking! Hope you are one of the winners.