May 4, 2009

Honoring Stretch Norton

A section of beside Lake Compounce may be renamed to honor former Mayor Stretch Norton, who died recently.

Norton, whose family owned the amusement park for generations, grew up at Lake Compounce and always held it close to his heart.

Former Mayor William Stortz proposed the idea Sunday in an email to Mayor Art Ward, who immediately offered to back the proposal.

Stortz said that Norton deserves to be memorialized for his long service to the city, state and nation.

“He certainly deserves the consideration and support of the city of Bristol in any and every effort to preserve his memory and accomplishments,” Stortz said.

Stortz said the section of Mt. Vernon Road/Lake Avenue that runs alongside Lake Compounce, which is slated for relocation to allow an expansion of the water park, could be renamed for Norton.

Ward asked Bristol’s legislative delegation Monday for its help in securing “special recognition” for Norton “for his many years of dedication, service and contributions to the country, state of Connecticut and the City of Bristol, with an emphasis on his association with Lake Compounce.”

He told Stortz in a return email that he would gladly support the idea of renaming the road.

It isn’t clear what it would take to rename the road.

Stortz said there may be “certain guidelines” to follow, but he would like to see the city act swiftly.

Norton died April 3 at the age of 86. He served one term as mayor and six terms as a city councilor.

Update on Tuesday morning:
Mayor Ward today suggested that perhaps Bristol could ask Lake Compounce to work with the city to rename the access road to the park "the J. Harwood "Stretch" Norton Access Way/Boulevard etc."

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