May 29, 2009

Bristol school chief: tech school may have to go

School Superintendent Philip Streifer said Friday that given the magnitude of the cuts the state needs to make to balance its books, "something has to give somewhere."
He said the loss of the Bristol Technical Education Center may be necessary, he said, in order to spread the financial pain.
"I would certainly hate to have those kids lose that opportunity," Streifer said, but it may be necessary.
Streifer said that the regular school systems across the state are facing what amounts to a substantial cut in aid if they receive the flat funding that officials appear poised to deliver. Given that costs are up, that means there's less money to spend to provide education to the vast majority of students.
Streifer said the state's vocational education system has to share in the sacrifices.
If that means closing the Bristol technical school, Streifer said, "so be it."
He said the crucial issue is that the General Assembly and Gov. Jodi Rell make the tough choices and let municipalities and school systems know what to expect.
"The legislature needs to act and we need to know," Streifer said.

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Anonymous said...

Hey chief take a cut in pay, and give the kids a chance to make something of themselves.

Anonymous said...

"so be it" Is this guy for real?

Reality check said...

three pupils for every employee ???

That is such a waste it should have closed ages ago .

Of course my fellow democratics in charge will have difficulty in understanding that there is such a thing as wasting money .

Anonymous said...

2 million for 108 students=18518

whereas bristol has 8800 students with 104 million =11818 that includes servicing students with substantial special ed. I guess Bristol public schools are a good buy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mr. Superintendent.

Anonymous said...

Does Streifer have any original ideas of his own or does he just ride on the backs of others?
Doesn't seem like he can even think for himself...much less think outside the box. We are getting the shaft and not getting anywhere near our moneys worth from him. He one person that does NOT get an "A" for effort. But then again what do I know...I only went to 12th grade! Common sense is clearly slacking and lacking in our leaders.

Anonymous said...

Please Board of this moron...He is by far one of the worst we have ever had.

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