November 10, 2009

Ward's speech kicks off second term as mayor

Text of Mayor Art Ward's inaugural address last night:

Good evening.

Before moving on, I would request that we share a moment of silence for all of the men and women serving in our military with an emphasis on those serving in harms way and these whose lives were taken, and those who were wounded at Fort Hood this past week and their families.

Let me begin by welcoming and thanking everyone here for their support for the men and women who are being sworn in to elective office this evening.

I would personally like to extend my sincerest gratitude to State Comptroller Nancy Wyman and Attorney General Richard Blumenthal for so graciously taking the time to be with us tonight and extending the honor of, again, administering the oath of office to me for my second term as Mayor of Bristol.

The Comptroller and the Attorney General have always wholeheartedly supported the City of Bristol and will always be known for their willingness to serve this community. Thank you, both.

Jenna Connelly, what else can be said except, “Great job and thank you” – your participation contributed a very special meaning to the National Anthem and your entertaining numbers are greatly appreciated. Thank you Reverend Andrew Cadieux of St. Demitrios Church for giving us the realization of the sense that our reliance on faith rather than just ourselves is essential to our lives and for the guidance which is necessary as we begin our responsibilities as elected officials of the City of Brsitol.

To our seven wonderful grandchildren, Makenna and Hunter Holley, Warren, Avery and William Hamilton and Adam and Ella Ward – thank you for leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance- Nonnie and I love you, all.

To my campaign staff, Elliot Nelson, Jim Brown, Tom Ragaini, Jason Rupaka, Kim Holley, Kerry Kasperian, Paula Positano, Mike Petosa, Jay Meisinger and the multitude of others who contributed to making tonight a reality – thank you.

To our entire immediate and extended families who have been a part of this campaigning for the last 18 years – I have to finally admit that I might have stretched it a bit when I said was only going to be in politics for the “short term.” To my lovely wife, Pat. Thank you does not even begin to cover it. If it wasn’t for your patience, understanding and unwaivering support, I could not do this.

Last but not least, I want to extend my appreciation to each and every person who became a candidate for office this year, whether they won or lost is not relevant, the point is that this was the most respectful and civil campaign that I have ever witnessed in Bristol politics and everyone should proudly hold their head high for demonstrating exceptional consideration for each other and the political process.

Congratulation s to the men and women who have been sworn in as your newly elected representatives. Together we can deliver the expectations of those who have entrusted us with the responsibkility of representing them in City government

The task before us is going to be challenging, the economy is not promising to be kind to us and the hurdles to be addressed will be numerous.

But - I am not going to spend this evening discussing the negatives. Tonight is a time to be positive. We have a new administration, newly-elected officials charged with the responsibility of navigating the rough economical seas confronting us and I truly believe that together- we will continue to move Bristol in a forward direction.

The actions that are ongoing and those that we will be undertaking will bode well for our future economic recovery. We will need to continually enhance these prospects, keeping in mind that we have new businesses moving into the City, we have existing businesses expanding in Bristol, we have businesses that are hiring new people as we speak, we have potential developers for the Depot Square, we have construction projects such as Route 72, the widening of Route 229, the reconstruction of Union Street and route 69, the resolution of the Route 6 Maple End drainage problem, the potential widening of route 6 from Collins road to Camp Street – easing the traffic congestion at the Stafford Avenue ‘Route 6 intersection.

We have plans on the way for a brand new Boys and Girls Club, a renewed residential and merchant pride in the West End area of the City; we have a new effort to establish an expanded presence of Tunxis community college in downtown Bristol, a continued expansion and delivery of services from Bristol Hospital and much, much, more.

We have an educational system that serves as a model to other communities and a public safety department which stresses and exemplifies professionalism and diligence while maintaining the safety of our community.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a future here in the city of Bristol, we have hope for tomorrow that is attainable and will become a reality as long as we unite, as long as we come together in a bipartisan manner to ensure that Bristol residents realize what they deserve – a safe, secure community in which to raise their – yours and mine – our families and future generations.

The manner and respect of this past election clearly demonstrate that we, as elected officials can do this, the manner and respect of this past election, dictates that we must do this – this is our mission, this is our task – this must be our goal!

Let us all pledge that our goals are to provide a viable economy, peace of mind to all, a direction of purpose and the deliverance of a safe and secure community, ready to ensure the future of the entire City of Bristol.

In closing, I want to thank you for the privilege, the honor and the opportunity to humbly serve you in a second term as your Mayor.

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Before we begin, let's take a minute for me to suck up to the American Legion crowd and all the other vets whom I pander to.

Nothin' wrong with that hizoner.

Anonymous said...

Oh and let me suck up to Mr. big dog state Democrat and raging liberal Dick Blumenthal, the Eternal General.

Anonymous said...

a bunch of hot air ward is such a kiss ass, citizens of bristol open your eyes he should not of been re elected you will see come next year.

Anonymous said...

My, my, all these comments about kissing and sucking up...oral fixation maybe? Maybe you guys should continue the trend and...SUCK IT UP!!! ;0)

life is said...

1:52 - suck it up.

Anonymous said...

Just about everything he mentioned was started before he became mayor.
Ask Nicastrom Couture, Stortz.
Just what has Ward initiated?

He will be leaving his successor and teh city in a big hole when he leaves.

Tired of stupid comments said...

4:35, Well, no duh some things were already in the works when he took over. The 2 year term doesn't really allow any earth shaking changes to take place during any one or even two administrations. Guess it's a no brainer to continue on with projects already rolling before initiating something new, especially during a recession, ya think?

(Regarding the big hole...look in the mirror.)

Anonymous said...

Is "Nicastrom" (sic) Ward's Swedish in-law?

Anonymous said...

Then why is Ward taking credit for what was started prior to his becoming mayor?

mom said...

7:29 - doubt that anyone would ever take credit for a loser such as you.

Anonymous said...

7:29, He's carrying the torch. He deserves some credit, though he really doesn't ask for it.

Anonymous said...


He also deserves even more of the blame, but he doesn't take credit for that either.

Anonymous said...

5:44 Sounds like Art! shoudn`t you be at city hall do something.

Anonymous said...

7:37 PM, Yet again...WRONG! I'm pretty sure that the Mayor is busy attending Veteran's Day activities instead of blogging with pinheads. Do I hear an apology? Nope? Thought not...

Anonymous said...

Art is playing the Obama card: blaming everything on someone else.

So far he has gotten away with it.

save humanity said...

8:29 - and whom do you credit your stupidity to or are we to believe that it came naturally? If it had been left to me, you can be assured that pro-choice wouldn't have been an option.

Anonymous said...

8:29, I've never heard Ward blame anyone for anything. You must be playing the joker card, cuz you sure sound like a fool.

Anonymous said...


You clearly have not been listening.

Or you don't understand english.

Anonymous said...

10:22 AM, Once again...WRONG. I've got a pretty good command of the English language and I have been listening closely. I just don't enjoy listening to gossip, lies and fairy tales.

Anonymous said...


And you obviously do not want to hear the truth.

moonstruck said...

11:02 - oh you who think that you are all knowing - how does it feel to be on the minority side of this election?
democracy calls for the decision of the masses - that is people, not the blob described as your pea pod of a brain (sic.)
you should offer up your ignorance to NASA so that at least we will have the hope that you will be lifted off into your own orbit.