November 4, 2009

Czenczelewski note to residents

Open letter from former Republican City Council contender Derek Czenczelewski:

To Bristol:

Let me first say congratulations to Kate Matthews and Dave Mills, a man I greatly admire. You both ran great campaigns, as did Terry and I. The voters who came out spoke, and you two are the voices that will be representing our district and our city for the next two years. We all ran clean campaigns, and made sure the focus was on the issues, which I am very proud to say.

Bristol has two newcomers in the 3rd District, but I have confidence that both Dave and Kate will do a fine job representing us. With that said, I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me, and who took the time to get to know me. Coming into this election I had high hopes and many goals if elected, but I committed to carrying out my vision for Bristol regardless of the election result. My hopes have not faded, and my goals are just as strong as they were on November 2nd.

I’d be remiss to say I’m not disappointed with the loss, but this is not the end of my story. Rather, this is very much just the beginning for me. Over the next two years I plan to contribute in many ways, offering ideas, opinions and my feedback while fielding the citizens’ questions and guiding them to the right sources. I hope to be appointed to some of the city boards as well, furthering my education and understanding of our city government, while offering a different perspective in hopes of bettering Bristol. I’m also looking forward to increasing my volunteer workload in the city and helping with the many great organizations we have. These next two years will afford me an opportunity to better Bristol, while bettering myself as a candidate and a person.

Thank you to everyone who supported my campaign, my family, girlfriend, friends and new friends that I have met over the past eight months. Thank you to everyone, from all across the city on all sides of the political spectrum who supported me. I hope to be representing you all some day in the future.

In closing, this experience has been great for me, despite the loss. I still feel like a winner for the amount of progress I made as a 22 year-old newcomer. For those of you who didn’t vote for me, I hope to get to know you and show you that I can be a positive leader for Bristol in the future. So again, thanks to the citizens who voted, and to those who didn’t, please hit the polls next year and every year afterwards. Many of our relatives fought and died for this right we take for granted!

Good luck to all the elected officials, and God bless Bristol.

Derek A Czenczelewski

35 Shingle Mill Rd

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Anonymous said...

Class act all the way. Thanks DC for your willingness to put yourself out there and run for office.

Congratulations to the winners.

Anonymous said...

I second that. Thank you for putting yourself out there. I know it can be tough.
I hope you will stay involved and run again in the future. If you had been in my district I definately would have voted for you.

Anonymous said...


You were a breath of "fresh Air" to the campaign. You have some terrific ideas, and are just what the city needs for its future. You are an example of what one can accomplish if one sets their mind to it. I am certain that we will be in your debt as you help bring this city to the prominent position it deserves.

Dave Mills

Me, Myself & I said...

The quintessential politician!

Thirty-six references to himself* in this grotesque self-indulgent piece of "writing." Yuck!

Word of advice to this 22 year old wannabe: eat a nice big slice of humble pie and more people will like you. Or make an appointment with a well-qualified shrink about your narcissistic personality disorder.

*FYI: 8 "me's," 10 "my's" or "myself's," and 18 "I's"

Anonymous said...

Nice work Derek and you are a class act. Thank you for stepping up and in the words of Anchorman Ron Burgandy "Stay Sexy Bristol"

Anonymous said...

3:34 - Derek is one of the most humble people I have ever had the opportunity to meet and get to know.

Derek, you are most definitely a class act and I can't wait to vote for you again in the future. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Well, he doesn't write like he's humble. It's all about me, me, me, I, I, I, my, my, my. Completely self-absorbed individual.

Just an observation, November 4, 2009 7:15 PM....

Anonymous said...

This young man was very impressive. He ran a classy campaign and is showing class even in defeat. Please stay involved and make another run at elected office.

Anonymous said...

His "I" orientation is nothing compared to Scarola's letter.

Check it out.

Must be a Republican thing.

Anonymous said...

7:15 and the others are right. It was a thank you note from him, what else is he supposed to say? "Derek says thank you"??? If you think he's self absorbed, you really, really do not know him and should get to know him.

Congrats on a solid campaign and please run again in the future Derek!

Anonymous said...

November 4, 2009 7:46 PM

You obviously never met this kid or didn't attend the debate. He didn't come across as over confident or overpolished, or like a "typical politician". I almost split my ticket and voted for this kid. I thought he was the most articulate person in all of the debates. He had good ideas and prepared well. I eventually voted party line, but he gave me reason to pause. I can be a person who bashes the opposition too, but in this case, following such a civil campaign, I think we should give this kid some credit.

Richard P. Scarola said...

meaWhen you write about your ideas, it is exactly that. Your ideas in what you would liek to see for the future and your ideas that you are unhappy with. The words I me and my go along with said ideas. Derek was by far the most well spoken of the debate, it's too bad you lemmings didn't vote him in. I would rather have some use the words I, me and my than our current newly elected lawyer who used the word "insentivize" 4 times the night of the debate. SAy what you want, Derek ran a great campaign and he will have a future on in city politics.
Personally, I could care less what any blogger says about me here, other than the fact for saying that I disagree with someone's philosophy, nothing but personal attacks were thrown at me, which is fine. You got the Government you deserve. Your boys are back in and taxes have no place to go but up. I can't wait to see how many people that didn't vote are going to be complaining about that.

Congratulations to those who won, congratulations to those who stepped up to run for what they believed in and I hope this Government you voted in does something in the next 2 years.

Sorry to go of kilter a bit Derek, you did a fine job and you will get a shot eventually.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

Personally, I could care less what any blogger says about me here, other than the fact for saying that I disagree with someone's philosophy, nothing but personal attacks were thrown at me, which is fine. You got the Government you deserve. Your boys are back in and taxes have no place to go but up. I can't wait to see how many people that didn't vote are going to be complaining about that.

You stay classy Rich Scarola!

Anonymous said...

Just an observation.. but if that is indeed Mr. Scarola you may want to invest some of your time in some writing and grammar classes.

Also to all the people "bashing" Derek for using I, me, myself, etc. too much, how would you like someone to write a letter talking about how they lost an election?
It's easy to talk about WE and US when you are the victor because you will be representing THE PEOPLE. But when you are discussing a loss its about you personally.

@ 8:39; "A republican thing"?
That is exactly what is wrong with this country, too much concern about who the candidate for each party is and not enough concern about who WILL DO THE BEST JOB!
Now, I will admit, I am a republican. That being said, the only reason I'm a republican is because given the choice between the two, republicans all the way.
-Tyler Weed