November 7, 2009

Health care plan necessary, Larson argues

U.S. Rep. John Larson, the East Hartford Democrat whose 1st District includes Bristol, issued this today:

Washington, DC -- Congressman John B. Larson (CT-01), Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, issued the following statement on the floor of the House of Representatives during historic debate on America’s Affordable Health Choices Act. (As prepared for delivery.)
“The growth of the nation cannot be achieved without caring for the health of all its citizens. 36 million Americans await our action on the House floor today. 36 million Americans watched as the fear-mongers stood on the steps of our Capitol this week, telling them to be afraid. They tried to spread the same fear in the struggle for Social Security and Medicare. It did not stop us then and it will not stop us now.
“Today, we will put a stop to the fear and address the real threat, the real danger the American people face: the woman next to you on the train spreading the flu because she couldn’t afford to see a doctor; the little boy in the sandbox with your child whose parents couldn’t afford his vaccinations; and – if we’ve learned anything from the H1N1 epidemic – the billions of dollars these public health emergencies cost us.
“On this historic day, this Congress will pass a bill that will improve the fiscal and physical health of the entire nation by improving the health of all our citizens. It is a statement of our values. It is testimony to how we care for our fellow citizens. It is at the very core of all that America stands for and why we came here to serve.
“36 million Americans deserve nothing less!”

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Anonymous said...

Visit the state dept. of motor vehicles, and imagine how you'd feel if it were an emergency room. Now tell me you want the government to provide your health care.

Anonymous said...

Visit the insurance agencies and see how they have been handling your insurance policies. That's better ????

Anonymous said... are a Pelosi Puppet. Any Politician who supports Pelosi is doomed to loss election.

Healthcare is now doomed. To expect those who earn it to be taxed so that those who do not earn it will get health insurance is criminal, socialistic and another example of how obama is a communist!. Pelosis use of the a Gulfstrem at an outragious cost to American taxpayers is criminal. A simple question: Do you support the policys and the privilages Pelosi takes from taxpayers? Yes or No. .

Larson is surrounded by two of the most dispised political figures in the country: Pelosi and Dodd

Anonymous said...

Hey Democracts this is the first step of socialism. Hello Russia maybe Ward can make that train.

Anonymous said...

As a healthcare provider I can tell you first hand that there are people in this country that would be happy with the government providing health care, even if it meant the nightmare atmosphere of a DMV. People are going without surgery and necessary treatment for fear of losing their homes. They are laid off and over asset to qualify for state. They can't afford private insurance. If their ins lapses and they get a job, their new ins will try and deny coverage because of a pre-existing condition. When a person doesn't live this reality every day, it's easy to sit back and just disagree. If only more people in this country had empathy and compassion and could really put themselves in the shoes of other people, things would be a lot different. This isn't a perfect bill. There are things that I definitely disagree with. Having said that, there will never be any bill that pleases everyone. That is not possible. Yes, this is an expensive overhaul but I'd like to know how much it would save in the long run when we don't have all the self pay patients who end up rising costs for everyone because we all end up paying more due to covering the losses from those who can't pay for care. How much more productive can our workforce be if they actually can have medical care that they need, rather than infect people around them due to being untreated. How many people miss work entirely, which slows down production and costs companies money which drives up costs to the consumers, which means us as taxpayers. How much will this help our economy if people can actually afford to purchase a home because they don't have to pay so much per month in health care. This is such a huge issue. We all need to really take everything into consideration. Both the bad and the good!

Anonymous said...

It's not like you see a doctor quickly in today's emergency room either.

Long Overdue!!! said...

@ November 7, 2009 8:30 PM

Your analogy is an unfounded assumption. Unless you have prognostication abilities, which seems unlikely, your statement is beyond ridiculous.

Look, this bill WILL IMPROVE the broken health care system that exists today. I applaud this vote and will work tirelessly to advocate for passage of a bill in the U.S. Senate. The big insurance companies need to remember that we are their customers! Enough of this imbalance of power! They're working for us and we're going to hold them accountable!!!

Next big debate will be a patient's rights bill, which is looooooooong overdue and urgently needed!!!

Long live President Barack Obama!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll take the government anytime over the insurance industry. That's not the way to treat the people 's money that they need to survive !I'd let any one run the health care industry other than those who screwed it up ........the insurance companies !

Anonymous said...

I would feel better about Larson's statement if HE were going to be under this plan. But it's not good enough for HIM.

Anonymous said...

Is Larson going to have this healthcare plan too or will he stay with his elite plan taxpayers are footing?
If congress has the same healthcare they are ramming down our throats then I am all for it - if not - can it!!

NOT mine said...

I see that stephen isn't prejudiced ....

He allows communists to spew their drivel in here and promote the horrendous death care bill that was recently passed in the house .

Everyone should be contacting their senators and voicing their displeasure with the assault on the American citizens being attempted by the house .