November 9, 2009

Live blogging from city swearing-in ceremony

About 150 people are gathered in the auditorium at Bristol Eastern High School to see the candidates elected last week formally take office.
We had a nice rendition of the National Anthem from Jenna Connelly after a police honor guard brought in the flags. They were followed by the candidates, Blumenthal and state Comptroller Nancy Wyman.
The constables and Board of Assessment Appeals were sworn in after that.
Now Treasurer Rose Parenti is taking the oath from her son, William Loritzo. She even got a kiss on the cheek from the mayor.
Here are the people administering the other oaths to major office holders:
Cliff Block -- Bill Veits
Kevin Fuller -- Paul Keegan
Kevin McCauley - Jackie McCauley (who promised to provide him with short soundbites)
Ken Cockayne - Bill Hamzy
Kate Matthews - Maryann Lupa
David Mills - Jack Hines

Wyman and Blumenthal are swearing in Ward. It apparently takes two of them.
After that, Ward will talk.

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Anonymous said...

"it apparently takes the two of them" ... lol. what a mess that was.