November 9, 2009

Live with Larson, the last chapter

The chamber is talking about awards and grants in town.
Price Chopper is getting something now. The Bristol Boys and Girls Club got a $15,000 grant from AT&T earlier. That's nice.
So far, it doesn't appear anybody's going to give me a grant. Damn.
The closing comments will come from John Smith, who's always at everything. I think there are actually several of him, perhaps from an early cloning experiment.
Here's what Smith has to say...
Smith, who's chairman of the board, said that Larson found "that we're passionate about rail."
He said that Connecticut magazine touted the improvements of Bristol's schools. More bragging to come, he said.
"We have an excellent school system here and it's finally beginning to be publicized," Smith said.
He pointed out the importance of Bristol Hospital, too.
Smith said the chamber is ready to work with Larson.

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Anonymous said...

Larson needs to go - he has been in congress way to long and we are still screwed up. Come election time vote his butt out.