November 9, 2009

Swearing-in, live blogging, part 4

Mayor Art Ward is talking now, beginning with a moment of silence for the troops.
He said he tried to coax from both the comptroller and attorney general which of them would run for governor, but neither took the bait.
Ward said they've both been good friends to Bristol.
He said Jenna Connelly did an outstanding job singing.
His seven grandchildren led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance earlier. He thanked them.
Ward said that his wife Pat's patience and support, "I would not be able to do this."
The mayor also thanked every candidate. "Whether they won or whether they lost is not relevant."
He hailed the high caliber of the campaign this year.
"The task before us is going to be challenging," the mayor said.
"Tonight is a night to be positive," Ward said, "and I truly beleive that together, we will be able to move Bristol forward."
He said new businesses are moving in, existing businesses expanding and companies hiring.
Depot Square has attracted interest.
Many road projects are underway and other projects may happen soon.
"We have plans on the way for a brand new Boys Club," Ward said.
He pointed to Tunxis plans for an expanding downtown campus, schools that provide a model.
"We have a future here in the city of Bristol," Ward said, "as long as we come together in a bipartisan fashion."
The manner and respect of election show that officials "can do this," Ward said. "We must do this."
He's reading awfully fast.
Ward is thanking everyone for the opportunity to serve a second term "as your mayor."
A standing ovation for Ward.
It really is a celebration of democracy here, whatever you think of the results and however true it is that a distressing number of voters didn't bother to participate this year.
Tne new officials who are men have white carnations pinned to their sujits and dresses. The women have a red, white and blue ribbons, baby's breath and a white carnation.
And, after a rousing rendition of "God Bless American," it's over.
The newly elected administration is walking out. We all will in a few minutes.

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Anonymous said...

That was simply riveting. I only wish I could have laid eyes on Mayra, though. She's usually stunning, but hey, tonight she may have been even more so.

Anonymous said...

Ward is a liar and a fake, its too bad - his wife is the one I feel sorry for.

Anonymous said...

All Artie is doing is sucking up tonight.The 3 candidates for Mayor were the worst the cities ever had.I have something more important to do,Shave,sh*t and shower.Good Night.

Tired of stupid comments said...

A liar and a fake? Wow, pretty strong words from an anonymous coward. I'm feeling pretty sorry for your mate too.

Anonymous said...

Boys club, Tunxis not done by the city.
Many projects have been cut, no new ones started.

No plans for the future,

This is what we elected????

Anonymous said...

Bring back Stortz

Anonymous said...

Second Republican in 25 years. She won by 35 votes. 500 people didn't vote for the office. If people were afraid of the flu why didn't they get an absentee ballot? Then again I understand only 78% were returned. I heard Mr. Veits waived his right to a recount and saved the city $10,000.00. Too bad it seems like we lost a good one.

john over floweth said...

11:09 - and I am pretty sure that the middle task will be the longest one because you continue to show that you are full of it.

Anonymous said...

LMAO john floweth over! You nailed it!!!