November 12, 2009

Say a prayer for my friend and his family

Joe Killian and his grandfather, Kenneth Rose, Sr.

My friend Joe Killian, a Bristol Eastern High School graduate and a brilliant writer, is waiting for news today after a 44-foot commercial boat sank last night off Cape May, New Jersey. Three men are missing in terrible conditions, including his beloved grandfather, Kenneth Rose, Sr, and an uncle. The Coast Guard is searching for the missing men, but so far all that's turned up is an empty life boat and some debris.
Please keep Joe and his family in your prayers.
My wife, Jackie, took this picture of Joe and his grandfather this summer at the North Carolina wedding of Joe and another of our closest friends, Amanda Lehmert, another great reporter and a Bristol Central High School graduate.
You can read about the missing fishing boat in the Cape May County Herald and the Philadelphia Inquirer, among other newspapers. Here is the Associated Press account.

Update at 7:25 p.m. -- The Coast Guard has suspended its search, the Associated Press reports. It has no plans to renew the search tomorrow. So fading hopes turn toward what comes next. I've talked to Joe and Amanda, who are on their way to his mother's house on the North Carolina shore. They are doing about as well as can be expected in such times. Joe told me he appreciated all the kind words he received today.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my God. Poor Joe. Thanks for letting us know, Steve.

Anonymous said...

Wow, big boat. Don't ever underestimate the sea. She's tougher than anything.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your Friend and his Family,Steve!

Friends from Fairhaven, MA said...

Hello Joe,I met your grandad, and your uncle in the summer of 1980 when they were scalloping off Cape Cod and docked at Hathaway's in Fairhaven, MA. We became very good friends and have remained so for 29 years. My husband & I want you & your family to know how devistated we are and our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family. Brenda & Bill Boyer, Fairhaven, MA

The Nelson Family said...

You and Your Family Are In Our Thoughts and Prayers...

Anonymous said...

Steve,how is your friend and his family doing?Thoughts and prayers still with them.post6:11

casino said...

I have read about the missing fishing boat in the Cape May County Herald and the Philadelphia Inquirer and I can tell, that I like it!