November 30, 2009

Goldwasser one of many on unemployment lines

Mickey Goldwasser, a familiar figure around town, is among the many middle class professionals who have landed on the unemployment lines due to the recession. I wrote about him here.

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NOT mine said...

Is anyone actually surprised by the current economic conditions here in Connecticut ???

After all the dems. have been in full control of the state for decades .

Now that the 'leadership' in Washington ( w/ the full support of local dems. / unions ) has decided to turn America into a third world nation we can hardly expect anything less than the current fiasco .

Positively Right said...

November 30, 2009 11:01 AM:

Actually the "leaders" in Hartford and Washington (Democrats) are trying to turn us into a socialist country similar to the typical European ones. While Right to Work states like Texas and those in the southeast siphon the remaining jobs from the rust belt (union controlled) states like Connecticut to those aforementioned. It's a disturbing trend without a doubt. All the Democrats, Obama (especially)included whom are controlled by the union bosses do is create more government and put more job killing regulations and taxes on businesses. It's a slippery slope that we've begun to slide down. One that leads the end of America's competitive advantage and the reduction in our standard of living.

Anonymous said...

I agree! But why are the Democrats at all levels of government, racing to slaughter at the polls in Nov/2010??? Surely they know its coming!! I think that maybe the plan is to get as many Americans as possible addicted to government as possible to save them at the ballot box! The damage to our country is going to be enormous!!! We are living in truly bad times.....

Anonymous said...

Since Nicastro worked at the same firm, maybe HE saw it coming??

Anonymous said...

da micksta..collectin' a pinka

Thanks for playing...but said...

November 30, 2009 1:17 PM

Get your facts straight.

Nicastro worked at Open Solutions. Goldwasser left Open Solutions and went to Eclipsys and that's who let him go.

Anonymous said...


Maybe he should have stayed.