November 30, 2009

State's unemployment fund goes broke

Good story at about the state's unemployment fund going belly up. It needs to borrow $1 billion to pay claims for the next two years. The story is here.

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Anonymous said...

So the State Borrows 900 million to close last years Budget, 2 billion to help shore up the state pension fund 2 years ago, and now must borrow another billion to pay unemployment benefits. When does it stop??

Positively Right said...

The entire problem here is caused by the fact that fiscal conservatives have almost no power in our state government what-so-ever. The reason for this is that the electorate genarally hasn't given them any. So it's the fault of the voters.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the real problem here is people are unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Sign the new health bill and watch more unemployment in this state. go dems go.

Anonymous said...

I know people who are getting unemployment and have a pretty sweet severance package. Talk about stupid. Use your severance pay - then you go on unemployment. STUPID GOVERNMENT, STUPID GREEDY PEOPLE.