November 10, 2009

Parenti thanks voters

City Treasurer Rose Parenti sent this today:

Rose Parenti Says Thank You

To all the people of Bristol that came to vote, regardless of which candidate you voted for, THANK YOU. For those that voted for me THANK YOU. To everyone that ran the race whether you won or lost, THANK YOU for making the effort. Congratulations to those that won, to those that lost please try again in the future. Everyone ran their campaigns in a professional, civil, responsible and respectful fashion for which all should be commended.

As a first time candidate running for any office in Bristol, I was stunned and humbled by my win. I want all to know that I appreciate the trust you have shown in me by voting for me as your City Treasurer, I will do my utmost to fulfill all aspects and obligations that comes with this office.

To everyone that sent contributions, friends that attended my fundraiser, that assisted in organizing my fundraiser, to my treasurer, John Simmons, my co-campaign managers, Allison Wadowski and Bill Lozito, THANK YOU. We were all first timers in my campaign efforts, learning as we went along. To those that gave me the guidance that I needed to run a successful campaign, THANK YOU. To Bill and Angela Stortz, valued friends, THANK YOU.

A special THANK YOU to Bill Veits, our former City Treasurer. He is truly a gentleman in every sense of the word. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him, not only did he congratulate me with a handshake and a hug but he has extended his offer of any assistance he can provide to me as I enter into this new endeavor.

In closing please know that I appreciate the confidence you have put in me as your City Treasurer, I will not let you down.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whoopi - 35 votes and she doesn't know what the position entails.

Anonymous said...

14 years and Ward doesn't know what the position entails!

Do YOU know what the treasurers position does?

Anonymous said...

Rose just don`t trust Ward.

Anonymous said...


But being a rookie, who can she trust?

Anonymous said...

She calls Stortz a "trusted friend" that should scare everyone.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't scare me and most of the people that I talk to.

Anonymous said...


Interesting that Stortz helped Parente and she won while Moccabee helped Alford and she lost big time.

Too bad the Republicans don't wake up and smell the coffee.

Anonymous said...

8:25 don't forget Schaffrick also helped Alford. Enough said!

Anonymous said...

I hope Mary learned if she ever plans to run again.

Anonymous said...

If I recall properly, Parente was Stortz's treasurer.

Do you think that that might haveadded to her attracting so many votes?