November 9, 2009

A new administration takes office

With a new city administration sitting on the stage beside him at Bristol Eastern High School Monday, state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal hailed the voters who turned out last week “to make a difference” to the future of Bristol.

“Tonight is really a triumph of democracy,” Blumenthal said before helping state Comptroller Nancy Wyman administer the oath of office to Mayor Art Ward, who secured a second term at the city’s helm in last week’s municipal election.

"Politics is now over and Bristol comes first," Wyman said.

It was certainly a bipartisan evening as leaders were sworn in, including a new treasurer and three new city councilors.

"Tonight is a night to be positive," Ward said in his inaugural address, "and I truly believe that together, we will be able to move Bristol forward."

About 150 people gathered in the school’s auditorium to take in the event, most of them friends and family of the candidates.

Candidates could choose the person to help them with their oaths of office. Among those selected was a mother, a wife and a son. Others opted for political allies to deliver the words.

City Councilor Kate Matthews, whose mother, Maryann Lupa administered the oath, had to correct its archaic language so she could say "councilwoman" instead of "councilman" in her response.

Rose Parenti, only the second Republican to win citywide office in the past quarter century, opted to have her son, William Loritzo, have the honor of swearing her in.

City Councilor Kevin McCauley, the most senior member of the council, turned for the third straight time to his wife, Jackie McCauley, to say the oath’s words for him to repeat.

Blumenthal and Wyman were the only outsiders involved in the 45-minute ceremony.
"I couldn't be prouder to be anywhere tonight than right here with Art Ward and his beautiful family," Blumental said.
Wyman said that she has never met a man who cares so much about children, seniors, working people and veterans as Ward does.
His love for the city and his family surpasses nearly everyone she's ever met, Wyman said.

The mayor’s seven grandchildren took to the stage, with many giggles, and led the crowd in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ward said the event marked the end of a political campaign of unusually high caliber, one that focused on issues and showed the city at its best.

He thanked every candidate who sought office last week for making it possible.

"Whether they won or whether they lost is not relevant," Ward said, as he led a standing ovation for those who tried.

The mayor said the task facing the new administration “is going to be challenging,” but with new businesses coming to town, the school system proving itself a model for success, developers eyeing Depot Square downtown and more, there is reason to hope even during difficult times.

"We have a future here in the city of Bristol," Ward said, "as long as we come together in a bipartisan fashion."
The manner and respect of election show that officials "can do this," Ward said. "We must do this."
After a rousing rendition of “God Bless America,” the newly installed administration walked out to the cafeteria next door to greet everyone and perhaps grab a tiny sandwich provided by the Democratic Town Committee.

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Anonymous said...

Must be it was not Ellen that was the problem. The administration just does not like haveing women in the good old mens club

Anonymous said...

he needs to keep his 7 grandchildren out of it who cares they don,t help me pay my property taxes. grandpa 's got to go.

Anonymous said...

Wyman said that she has never met a man who cares so much about children, seniors, working people and veterans as Ward does.
His love for the city and his family surpasses nearly everyone she's ever met, Wyman said.

Apparently, Nancy Wyman didn't know him in the 70s.

Anonymous said...

Jenna Connolly did a beautiful job with the national anthem.

Anonymous said...

Who's the "Forest Gump" looking guy on Ward's left?

Anonymous said...

The last administraion made great steps including women and other minorities.
When is Ward going to follow suit?

yawn said...

10:18 - suck it up.

Embarrassed for you said...

5:20 AM, Maybe you should sleep later so you're not so grumpy? The mayor's grandchildren were cute (kinda symbolic of the future of Bristol). No, they're not going to help you pay your property taxes. Neither is the lovely yound lady who sang so beautifully, nor are the police honor guard who carried the flag...but hey, don't let me keep you. I'm sure there are puppies somewhere just waiting to be kicked...

Odin said...

With all these freshmen and only three returning councilmen, Ward is going to have to assign some of the newbies to relatively high profile positions. Let's see how non-sexist he can be.

For example: will it be Kate or Dave who gets Public Works as the District Three rep?

Anonymous said...

Repeal the 19th Ammedment.

Anonymous said...

If Wyman thinks politics is over and Bristol comes first, she truly doesn't know Mr. Ward.

Anonymous said...

Newbies? Odin are you Ellen?

Anonymous said...

Gee Odin, isn't your comment sexist? You're suggesting that Kate should get it over Dave because she's a female. How about letting the best candidate win regardless of their sex.

Anonymous said...

If Kate gets PWKS, she won't be the first woman: Ellen was.

Anonymous said...

And Ellen was thrown out. She's gone... stop crying about it.

Anonymous said...

Ward can't take care of his friends on the council, he doesn't have any.

putz said...

1:35 - what part of "it was certainly a bipartisan evening" don't you understand or are you not capable of comprehending anything positive?

Anonymous said...


And how long does an evening last, in your mind?
Of course he will be bipartisan when all eyes are on him.

festering boil said...

8:08 - if ignorance was plentiful, you would be a gold mine - idiot.

Anonymous said...

I'm new in town. Can anyone tell me who was the other republican to win city wide?

Pat said...

Ellen You Lost...GET OVER IT!

Anonymous said...

Ellen may have not won the election, but based on the past two years, it is the city of Bristol that lost.

Zoppo, Stortz, and maybe even Johnson would have done better.