September 2, 2008

Wright urges residents to seek heating help

State House candidate Chris Wright sent along this press release:

Chris Wright, the Democratic candidate for state representative in the 77th District, urges residents to inquire about winter home heating aid following passage of legislation enacted in special session to help residents with their heating bills this winter.
“Majority Democrats allocated $75 million in winter home heating assistance to Connecticut families and seniors that meet certain criteria,” Wright said. “I hope residents will take advantage of this program to see what is available and if they qualify.”
The legislation allocates:
$13.5 million to Operation Fuel for assistance to households with incomes from $31,000-$93,821 depending on the number of members in the household. Deliverable fuels, electricity and natural gas are all covered by Operation Fuel.
$4 million for emergency home heating assistance to people ages 65 and older with incomes at or below 100 percent of the state medium income ($48,786 for one person and $63,798 for two people).
$7 million for the furnace/boiler replacement or upgrade program and for the installation of insulation or alternative energy devices.
2 million for weatherization programs through the Department of Social Services.
The legislation also lowers the minimum delivery from 150 gallons to 100 gallons of fuel oil.

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Anonymous said...

Collins: Did you write this or did Wright write this?

This is common knowledge.

Steve Collins said...

Did I write what?

Steve Collins said...

Oh, you mean the press release? No, I didn't. It came from Wright. I have no idea who wrote it.

Wright is wrong said...

One person making $48,000 can qualify for "home heating assitance"? I'd be ashamed of myself if I was Wright for endorsing this. This just shows how out of touch the limosine liberals controlling the Legislature are. Let's not encouarge them by sending their lackey, Christopher Wright, to Hartford so they can write more bad legislation.

***this goes here not on the press release by Fitzgerald.

Anonymous said...

It stands to reason that if people are unaware of this program then either they don't really need it or they are not advocating for themselves by keeping informed and/or preparing for what many anticipate to be a hard winter. If an elected official or a candidate for office has to advertise a handout, then it might not be needed. This is just like when the end of the year comes for city departments and they realize they have not spent what was allocated to them in their budgets and they go on a mad spending spree to show that they need to get at least the same amount of funds if not more the following year. Wright is wrong for Bristol and for CT.

Anonymous said...


Take a look at Steve's 8/21 post. Unfortunately, the Republicans actually supported extending home heating oil assistance to families making up to $93K.

Anonymous said...

I don't care who endorsed it. I agree with the poster that I would be ashamed if I made that good of a living and had to ask for assistance b/c I wasn't planning well enough on my own.

Wright is wrong for the Connecticut Legislature said...

September 2, 2008 8:16 PM:

Of course they did otherwise you Democrats would call them mean for making old people freeze in their homes (even if they could afford it), just as you do when they refuse to raise the minimum wage or increase spending on anything.

This is about Wright and HIS INABILITY to reason and analyze.

Anonymous said...

Talk about inability! Only a republican could find fault with this unless a republicant said it.What IS your ability ?

Anonymous said...

September 3, 2008 7:32 AM:

Only a naive liberal like Chris Wright would endorse the idea that a single person making $48,000 a year needs tax-payer funded "assistance" with home heating.

Anonymous said...

How come no Wright sign on Wards lawn???

Anonymous said...

11:41 Any signs on Macabre's lawn ? Or Schaffrick's , or Alex's ? How about your's? What goofs you losers are.

Anonymous said...

Still no Wright sign on Wards lawn.

Tells me something.

Anonymous said...

2:35 If it tells you something it must be the same for Macabre! I wouldn't wantmy sign on his lawn and I don't think too many republicans would either.