September 3, 2008

If the city can find it, taxpayers can have it

A Plainville woman wants to give the city property on Rockwell Avenue worth almost $12,000 because she can’t find it.

“For years and years, we have not been able to find this piece of property,” said Maryanne Grace.

“We don’t know what it looks like,” she told the city’s Real Estate Committee recently while urging it to take the land off her hands.

The chairman of the panel, city Councilor Frank Nicastro, asked, “Nobody knows where it is?”

Though Grace said nobody’s been able to help her find it, the councilors on the committee said they felt uncomfortable accepting potentially valuable property that might even contain enough space to allow for a house to be built.

The lot, which is a little more than a tenth of an acre, is assessed by the city for $11,800. It is located at the end of Rockwell Avenue.

But Grace said that when she’s gone there to try to find it, she’s had no luck.

“Every lot was occupied and I could not find a vacant lot,” she said.

Nicastro said that she should hire a surveyor to go out and mark the lot’s boundaries so that she can see them clearly.

“You may have a more valuable piece of property than you realize,” Nicastro told her.

Grace said she tried to sell it in the past with no luck.

“How could you sell it if nobody knows where it is?” Nicastro said.

Grace said that she believes the lot isn’t desirable to anyone except perhaps the city.

“We don’t want it,” she said.

Jeff Steeg, an assistant city attorney, said that he “wouldn’t feel right” taking the land if it has value on the market. He said that Grace should consult a real estate professional to see what she needs to do to sell it.

Nicastro said that if Grace is determined to give it to the city, she should write a formal letter to his committee offering it at no cost.

He said, though, that she should first get a surveyor to flag the land for her.

If Grace still wants to donate it after that, Nicastro said, the city will consider it.


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Anonymous said...

I'll take it !!!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

My vote is to let her keep paying taxes on it. The city has enough land to deal with (i.e., the former mall).

Anonymous said...

And Robert's Property - which is nothing more then big doggie litter area!

Anonymous said...

The city of bristol can't find the property they are taxing this poor woman for ???

How were they able to put a value on it ???

No wonder folks complain about their tax bills .

Steve Collins said...

The city knows where it is. The owner doesn't.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time Bristol felt bad taking valuable property? Anyone? Bugryns? Pine St. residents?

Anonymous said...

The city should wait until there's a house on it and take by eminent domain.

Anonymous said...

The city knows where it is. The owner doesn't.

September 4, 2008 10:21 AM


And the reason they will NOT show her is ???????

Anonymous said...

Your vote doesn't count cause anonymous votes don't count.

Anonymous said...

Duh what a bunch of adolescent dummies.