September 8, 2008

Well, it's a wrap

City councilors came out of secret session tonight after about 100 minutes behind closed doors and quickly voted unanimously to recommend buying the former Crowley dealership and then voted 4-3 to recommend seeking acquisition of the Scalia sand pit off Barlow Street.
A final vote will be taken at Tuesday's regular council meeting, but unless the politicians see a public outpouring of opposition or hear a remarkably cogent address opposing the proposal, it's a done deal.
More later.

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Anonymous said...

Betcha Nicastro was the leak, again.

John Reek said...

Hooray!!!!!! again

Anonymous said...

You know it 9:21.

cseguin said...

It's interesting - if my memory serves me correctly, there has been a lot of vocal resistance towards past changes in Bristol's educational scheme. I'm thinking specifically of the re-zoning that happened a handful of years ago, and the change to block scheduling.

I would imagine, or at least hope, that there would be the opportunity for the public to comment at some point. I know that, practically, it's not possible to give everyone their say, but this is a big change for Bristol residents.

I may have missed it, but has their been a previous open forum on this? Or, have public comments been limited to those at council meetings or in letters to the Press?