September 9, 2008

No decision after all

It turned out that the City Council couldn't act on the $120 million school plan because it first needs a recommendation from the Planning Commission about the two proposed sites.
What's interesting about that is if the planning panel urges the council to reject the Scalia site, it would take a two-thirds vote to move ahead with the purchase. And the council split is closer than that, which would effectively kill that site.
Meanwhile, there's growing talk of a referendum on the school plan, though it would require somebody round up 3,200 or so signatures from registered voters -- and we all know how hard that can be.
Apparently, though, voters gunned down an approved K-8 school back in the 1970s, so you never know.
More later. I'm still at the meeting.

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Anonymous said...

This approach was used by a previous democrat administration and resulted in no action.

Easy way out.

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