September 6, 2008

Larson says it's time to act on energy

U.S. Rep. John Larson's national radio address this morning:

“Hi, I’m Congressman John Larson of East Hartford, Connecticut, Vice Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus.  

“In Denver, Barack Obama struck a chord with the American people when he spoke about the change we need now. 

“It is that fierce urgency of now that led John Mitchell, a former Republican Mayor in my district, to tell me about the plight of everyday citizens forced to turn over their entire Social Security check in order to heat their homes. 

“At Augie & Ray’s in my hometown, I hear daily from commuters, truckers, small business owners, and people on fixed income.  They tell me how the costs of oil and gas are impacting their life.  

“For eight years, two oilmen in the White House have crafted this country’s energy policy.  And for eight years, Big Oil has raked in unprecedented profits. 

“Barack Obama summed up our sentiment on this Bush-McCain policy, in one word: enough! 

“Enough of the energy policies designed behind closed doors with the oil industry. 

“Enough of John McCain and the Senate Republicans blocking tax credits for alternative energy. 

“Enough of the exorbitant cost to fill up our gas tanks.  

“And enough of choosing between prescription drugs, buying food, and heating our homes.  


“It is time for an energy policy that puts Main Street before Wall Street. 

“It is time for a comprehensive energy plan that eases the short-term burden of high energy costs and addresses the long-term crisis of our dependence on Middle East oil. 

“Barack Obama has set a goal for this country.  He’s laid down a marker.  Under his presidency, we will end our addiction to oil from the Middle East within ten years. 

“His challenge echo President Kennedy’s goal to send a man to the moon.  Well, we accomplished that in nine years. 

“And this new goal is within the grasp of the American people and the New Direction Congress is ready to embrace it. 

“Unfortunately, some Republicans in Congress – including John McCain – have spent the last few months obstructing progress and doing the bidding of the oil industry. 

“They offer nothing but the empty mantra of ‘drill, drill, drill.’ 

“Democrats support drilling, but a ‘drill only’ plan would do nothing but drill deeper and deeper into your wallet. And look, while the oil companies have remained flush, your wallet is running dry. 

“When we return to Washington next week, the Democratic Congress under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi will put forward a comprehensive, bipartisan energy plan that puts us on the path toward reaching our energy goals. 

“We will vote on legislation that actually does something to lower the price you pay at the pump. 

“We will take speculators out of our energy futures markets where they artificially drive up the cost at the pump. 

“We will consider responsibly opening portions of the Outer Continental Shelf for drilling while demanding that Big Oil companies use the leases they have already been issued or return them to the public. 

“We will invest the royalties owed the American taxpayer in alternative energy technology. 

“And we will continue to call for the release of oil from our national stockpile to help lower the price at the pump.  After all, if the President can release our reserves when the oil companies come asking – why can’t he do the same when the American people ask? 

“As oilman T. Boone Pickens says, we can’t drill our way out of this problem.  Not when Americans use 25 percent of the world’s oil but only own three percent of the reserves. 

“Under the Bush Administration, we now import 70 percent of our oil at a cost of 700 billion dollars a year.  


“We need to address our future energy needs with a federal renewable electricity standard consisting of alternative forms of energy, including natural gas, solar power, wind, biomass and geothermal power and fuel cells. 

“In short, everything must be on the table. 

“Democrats in Congress and Barack Obama believe that we need to put Americans first by putting them to work in a green economy. 

“With the strength and ingenuity of the American people, we can propel ourselves toward an energy independent future.  

“My fellow Americans, we can do this!  And we must begin now! 

“I’m Congressman John Larson.  Thank you for listening. 

“God Bless you and God Bless America.”

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Joe Visconti said...

It's nice to see John Larson lift my soundbite from published radio and TV shows I have appeared on this past winter/spring regarding "Everything needs to be on the table" concerning energy. Unbelievable, he's following in the footsteps of Plagarizers Biden and Obama. Nice work John, you finaly figured out we need to drill. Oh and the surge worked too.

Anonymous said...

Blah, Blah , Blah.....just another talking bobble head with nothing solid to say. I'm SO sick of politics!!

Anonymous said...

Who is Joe Visdconti?

Anonymous said...

He is Art Mocabees new poster boy!

Anonymous said...

Enough of tree-hugging liberals who won't allow us to get the oil we need. And as for alternatives...let's ask Ted Kennedy about the plan for windmills off Cape Cod: "over (his) dead body!" Dems are just not a helpful bunch.

Anonymous said...

Who is Art Mocabee?

Anonymous said...

Larson needs his own energy plan. The guy is tired! Time for fresh blood.

Anonymous said...

“When we return to Washington next week, the Democratic Congress under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi will put forward a comprehensive, bipartisan energy plan that puts us on the path toward reaching our energy goals.

What planet are you living on?

John "IwannabeeaKennedy" Larson and his cronies, under the leadership (?) of Nancy "Sierra Club" Pelosi have proven that you don't have to be smart to be a democrat in Congress you simply need constituents stupid enough to keep voting for you.

When will the GOP finally knock this brainless shock of fluffy hair out of office?

Anonymous said...

The GOP will continue to fail as long as its "leadership" continues to promote themselves and not the candidates, as long as the "leadership" continues to represent themselves and NOT the people.

Locally Mocabee, Schaffrick, TJ are good examples of this, and at the state level it is no better.