September 24, 2008

School site study details pros and cons of possible locations

Here is a PDF of the March 2007 school site feasibility study's executive summary.
It makes for some interesting reading.
One fascinating aspect is that the Scalia site that the city is planning to buy is bigger than it needs to be -- which likely means that the state won't reimburse the city for more than a third of its cost and may not reimburse for some of the athletic fields that are eyed for the school.

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Anonymous said...

So now the truth comes out.

And the city council went along with this school administration?

The "education" for which our taxes will be escalated is more about "state of the art extra-curricular activities" or play time, and ball fields?

And, your informing us the state won't even reimburse a goodly portion for this overreaching plan?

What a swindle. These school guys and cohorts are worse than the Wall Street hedge fund managers!

Anonymous said...

The report that Collins posted indicated that for a 900 student elementary school (K-8) that MAXIMUM acerage for which the state will reimburse is 19 acres.
The formula:
Number of students divided by 100 plus 10 if an elementary, or plus 15 if a middle school.
(900/100 + 10 = 19)

The report indicates.
Scalia A site is 17 acres.
Scalia B site is 36 acres.

The current school plan calls for site B?

Anonymous said...

900 kid school! 900 kid school!! 900 kid school!!!

Steve Collins said...

Yes, they're looking at Scalia B, not Scalia A. I should have made that clear.