September 2, 2008

Photos from the Republican convention

That's Bristol's own Gary Schaffrick working the table for the Connecticut delegation. The picture is from state GOP Chairman Chris Healy, who's apparently a menace with a digital camera, having already uploaded 1,300 shots to Flickr. I'll look for any others showing Bristol folks.

OK, I confess, the scenery shots of the Twin Cities got to be too much for me. I gave up looking, even though I like Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Anyway, here's a picture that Art Mocabee, former city GOP chair, sent me from the convention yesterday:

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Anonymous said...

It was a pathetic day for the Connecticut Republicans when Gary Schaffrick became one of it's "leaders".

And Bristol's as well.

Anonymous said...

I concur!

Anonymous said...

Schaffrick and Mocabee, better known as Frick and Frack!

Anonymous said...

September 3, 2008 11:39 AM:

Yeah except "Frack" (Mocabee) isn't on the tax payer doll.

Anonymous said...

It is DOLE dummy!

Anonymous said...

LMAO Schafrick is the best they got !! That ought to put the icing on the cake!