September 1, 2010

City may have to lay off some workers, mayor says

With a fiscal crisis still crushing many municipal governments, Mayor Art Ward said he can no longer promise that he won’t seek layoffs among city employees.
Ward said he hopes Bristol can avoid layoffs but he can’t guarantee that they can be avoided next year as officials try to cope with rising costs and stagnant revenues.
“There’s a lot of things we can do” to save money and reduce the chances of layoffs or a major tax hike, city Councilor Cliff Block said.
The mayor said he plans to sit down soon with the two top officials on the Board of Finance, school Superintendent Philip Streifer, Board of Education member Tom O’Brien and city Comptroller Glenn Klocko to go over the city’s options heading into what could be its toughest budget yet. He said it’s important for the city to get “a head start” dealing with the looming fiscal crunch.
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Anonymous said...

Ward, Block, then why aren't you making some of the changes NOW?

Why are you waiting?

Developing a plan has been suggested in some of the letters I read: when will the city start?

Anonymous said...

Geez...election year politics starting already??? Threaten layoffs to make yourself look anti-union??? Here's the pattern: 2009 - Election Year- Threatens Layoffs, no tax increase; 2010 No Election, No layoffs or even talk of it, tax increase; 2011 - Election Year, layoff threat and, I bet, demand for no tax increase (but there will be). So transparent.

Anonymous said...

I know that someone elese questioned this already, but as I drove down N. Main street last night I couldn't help but wonder why the city has TWO sets of street lights burning.

Yes, burning up electricity, at a cost to us taxpayers!


Anonymous said...

Kudos to Mayor Ward and company for doing the best for Bristol during this horrible recession. Bristol has done far better than many other cities across the state and across the country, and there are plenty us of who appreciate it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Lay-offs should have been last year!

Where has Block been? Geez someone needs to run against this guy! What about Kevin Fuller? I hope the 77th is happy with what is happening at City Hall!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I noticed the flags flying on N. Main Street.
Why tulips? I thought we were the Mum City?

And we can't afford to fly the American Flag, but we can fly some hokey flag.

Sounds like something Onbama would do

knows Ward's game... said...

Hey Ward will you lay off your son who is a city worker? How about your wife who works for the board of ed? Ward is nothing but a leech who bleeds the taxpayers by taking care of family & friends. Ward is nothig but a lair, cheater who is out for No. 1 - himself!!!!

Anonymous said...

September 1, 2010 8:08 PM:

And McCauley would be better?


Knows 8:08 PM's game said...

8:08 PM

I'm sorry Sweetie, but you're obviously confused. Ward's wife is retired and his son earned a place on the police force long before he became mayor.

What we actually get from your juvenile post is that you're an angry little person who can't write or spell very well.

Two words for you - adult ed.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...


Ward is just putting off the inevitable.

He is hoping to get a job in Hartford and leave this mess to someone else!

Anonymous said...

Artie's wife is retired from the city but his son is a cop, daugter is a school health aide, son-in-law skipped over a bunch of people to get the custodian job at senior center thanks to Artie and his daugter in law just got a job this year in the schools. there's a story line for you Steve- to bad you can't trace all the cousins, neighbors, and nephews who also been hired.

Dim-wit said...

12:47 - make up your mind - do you want transparency or not?

Anonymous said...

get done with it lay off and start with all the asst to asst to the mgrs stop waving the flags over are heads sh@T or get off the pot ART, I`am sick of listing to this avery year.

Anonymous said...


Maybe he meant, be honest and forthright!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the mayor cut some other costs that are unnecessary, and planned for attrition, he could avoid layng of workers.

But he won't do that because he doesn't know how.

Betcha the controller doesn't lose staff: his department will probably grow.

Anonymous said...

8:22: afraid of something? facts, we want facts ... not your ignorant, personal views.

Anonymous said...

There are hundreds of thousands of dollars to be saved, even without laying people off.

Too bad teh mayor will not include those people that could help.

Anonymous said...

What can O'Brien and Streiffer do about the CITY budget?

Why doesn't ward get some people involved that can make a difference?

Anonymous said...

layoffs need to start with the Board of Ed.

Anonymous said...


Because if they aren't his appointees, he can't control them!

Anonymous said...

Four monthss into this budget year

Four months before the next budget process starts.

What has Ward done about the fiscal situation,?