September 28, 2010

Republicans upbeat with a month to go

Linda McMahon at the Mum Parade, via McMahon's Facebook page.

City Councilor Ken Cockayne said that traipsing along with the Republicans' U.S. Senate contender, Linda McMahon, "was like walking with a superstar."
He said that Bristol residents -- who tend to be blue-collar and Democratic -- showed real support for the former wrestling executive as she hoofed it for a few hours Sunday during Bristol's Mum Parade.
Whit Betts, the GOP candidate for the 78th District state House seat, said that after watching McMahon at the parade he thinks she has "a legitimate shot at being able to win Bristol" on Election Day.
"She's inspired a lot of people" with her personal story of rising from bankruptcy to riches, he said, while keeping that common touch.
The GOP's city chair, T.J. Barnes, said he sees "a new energy" in the party that is going to translate into victories at the polls that would not have seemed possible a few years ago.
"We're going to do something very special here in Bristol," Barnes said.
A McMahon victory in Bristol would be a big step toward a statewide win for the Senate seat that Democrat Chris Dodd is giving up.
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, the Democratic hopeful, has been steadily sinking in the polls, unable so far to combat McMahon's millions or find the key to secure support from voters who once backed him routinely.
Barnes said that it's even more encouraging that his party has such strong local candidates, running for the state legislature, that they can not only win themselves, they can help pull in votes for Republicans seeking statewide office.
These are dark days for Democrats.
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pac said...

How many jobs did Blumenthal create by sueing CT companys?

Anonymous said...

Ken is an idiot child.

And he wants to be mayor, like his buddy Ward.

go Linda said...

Linda McMahon is doing a great job. I hope she wins!

keep city hall moron free said...

September 28, 2010 9:45 AM:

Better either of them than McMoronly

Anonymous said...

How much is Linda spending to buy a job that pays way less than she makes now? And she has done what for our country except make fun of men and exploit women in Bikini bathing suits mud wrestling? But we know you pigs like the mud wrestling part.

Anonymous said...

"these are dark days for democrats"... really steve? don't you think you're overstating things a bit?

Steve Collins said...

No, dark days seems about right. The Ds may lose a Senate seat in CT that everyone thought was safe. They may lose control of the House. They are likely to lose a number of Senate seats. They are unlikely to do as well in CT legislative races as they have in recent years.
That's pretty dark.
In Bristol, of course, they may keep all the legislative seats they have.

Anonymous said...

Why has the RTC abandoned Fitzgerald and Delmastro, and put all their eggs behind Welch and Betts?

Or is the control group taking control?

Anonymous said...

Pretty bad when having the President in your corner is actually a detriment to your campaign...dark days indeed!

Anonymous said...

Somebody should put that rich biatch in a sleeper hold.

She wouldn't be where she is today if she and Vince hadn't made a business out of exploiting half-brained steroid freaks and silicone-breasted floozies!

Linda is a pimp for violent voyeurs, and that's why she's running as a repugnant republicant!

Anonymous said...

The next win will be TJs first

Anonymous said...

September 28, 2010 1:58 PM:

Probably. Schaffrick and Barne$ aren't too interested in supporting anyone but Betts and Welch, and they're little bald lackey does what they tell him.

Anonymous said...

Money goes where money is. I can't afford to run for anything. So I can't buy me an election.

Anonymous said...

Yeah she's a superstar. A star at SUCKERING people into believeing she really will do something for CT...All she's doing is buying her office like they did back in the 1920-30's when people tossed around money to buy a public office that they used to their own benefit. Elect Linda and go back to that Golden Age of People Buying Public Office!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Linda is paying her own way and not using my tax money to campaign! She's got my vote! She knows a lot more than Blumenthal about what businesses need to stay here in CT. And CT needs those businesses.

Anonymous said...

Cockayne sounds like a little kid, infatuate with a "Rock Star".