September 23, 2010

Busway foes launch campaign to block $573 million road

Critics of the proposed $573 million busway between Hartford and New Britain have launched a media campaign to derail the plan.
The campaign, which includes advertising and a social networking effort, is sponsored by the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce along with National Corridors, the Sierra Club of Connecticut and Rails*Trains*Ecology*Cycling,
“What better time than election season?” said Mike Nicastro, who heads the chamber.
The group is urging state leaders to hit the brakes on plans to construct a dedicated 9-mile road that would serve only buses. It says the scheme is too costly and the route would strangle commuter rail in the region by snatching the old rail right of way from New Britain to Newington.
The state Department of Transportation backs the busway, it says, because it is the best way to reduce growing congestion in Interstate 84. The busway also offers development opportunities along its route, supporters say. Click here for the full story.
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Anonymous said...

Ct is going down the tubes. By the time the buses or trains issue is settled there won't be anything left to go to anyways . The dems. have bankrupted this state and the Nation .

Anonymous said...

The issue with both the busway and the rail way is what to do about the last mile (i.e., getting the person from the drop off point to their place of work). Until that can be answered people will continue to use their cars.

Anonymous said...

Mike, you sure are doing your darndest to help promote regionalization, NOT

Anonymous said...

Shame on Bristol for trying to kill this important project. I am looking forward to the busway, I'd much rather only have to drive to New Britain then all the way to Hartford.

Anonymous said...

Johnn Larson AND Ann Brickley support the Busway.

Huge disappointment. What is the difference?

This project is a government screw up of herculean proportion!

$600 MILLION for 9 miles compared to rail for a fraction of that cost. It does not remove ONE TRUCK from I-84, and is serving only a handful of people that would be BETTER served by passenger rail.

Heck'd only have to drive to downtown Bristol to catch the train to Hartford!