September 22, 2010

Ward takes steps to bolster downtown

Mayor Art Ward ordered public works officials Friday to come up with a plan to make sure that downtown receives the maintenance it needs.
Ward said that he told Public Works Director Walter Veselka that he wants a solid plan in place before October’s Public Works Board meeting.
One possibility, he said, is to have local nurseries adopt areas in the median to showcase their work and beautify downtown.
The mayor said he wants the plan to include both North Main and Main streets.
The move follows complaints by downtown property owners that the city is not doing enough to take care of the area’s appearance and safety.

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Anonymous said...

Heck with spending all that time fixing our city Mayor, Phil's waiting for that phone call!

Anonymous said...

Ward was warned over a year ago and obviously has done nothing.

Phil is not wrong, and Phil is not alone.

Anonymous said...

Phil is a twit. Phil is not alone.

Anonymous said...

Walt come up with a plan never happen. The guys wont listen.

Anonymous said...

Walt is like the chief . No leader.

Anonymous said...

4:38 AKA Stortz:

Yah, we know Bill. You warned him. Okay. That's great. Hats off to you!

Give it a rest now.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mayor ,

Turn the lights back on the mall property at night. As dark as it is the issue is a safety hazard. An area that large and that dark is a breeding ground for crime.

Anonymous said...

If the mayor was warned or alerted, by whoever, why didn't he do something?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stortz/7:33 PM:

The WHOLE COUNTRY was warned that a recession was on the horizon. NOTHING could stop it from coming. Bristol has fared much better than many other cities. Ward has done a good job.

We all recognize that we were warned. Thank you very much. Good job. Now please do us and yourself a favor...stop repeating it over and over and LET IT GO.

keep waiting said...

7:33 - if you were so smart about it Stortz, why didn't you run for another term? looks like you were hoping the next person would fall flat on their face and you could just walk back in by saying "I told you so"?
I would say that you under estimated ward, Bill.

Anonymous said...


I think we all OVERESTIMATED Ward!