September 7, 2010

Copy of the city's tentative labor agreement with Local 233

To read a copy of the tentative deal for yourself, here is a PDF of it. Have fun.
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Anonymous said...

Dave rep but was a dem i think he has the right party now, Ken rep and he can stay there.all 3 will be out next time.

Anonymous said...

click on the link and it says "File Not Found." Is it just me?

Steve Collins said...

It is definitely working now. I renamed it to make it easier to download for every browser. Try it again.

Anonymous said...

This is a good deal for the city, nice job by Mayor Ward to negotiate a fair deal with the hard working public servants that will save the city significant money. The Union really stepped up and did what was in the best interests of the City. The Council should of passed this deal right away instead of delaying.

Anonymous said...

Such a good deal, now we won't have a tax increase!!


Anonymous said...

I see it was signed by Nancy Santorso the same on that we had to have a special meeting to pay her claim