September 29, 2010

Brickley pushes Larson to debate in Bristol and beyond

Republican congressional hopeful Ann Brickley just sent out this press release:
Brickley Still Waiting for Larson to Commit to Debates
Despite hectic fundraising schedule Larson campaign claims he is unavailable for any events prior to October 14th
WETHERSFIELD, CT (September 29, 2010) – On the evening of the August 10th Primary Elections, Congressman John Larson sent out a press release congratulating Ann Brickley on her victory and saying he was looking forward to holding “a debate and joint appearances” with her. In response to Larson’s press release, Brickley sent him a letter suggesting that they hold debates in at least six locations in an effort to allow as many people as possible in the expansive district to see the candidates discuss their views on the issues.
After waiting more than a month for a response to her request, representatives from Larson’s campaign finally sat down with representatives of Brickley’s campaign to discuss potential debates. Larson’s representatives stated that he would not be available Mondays through Thursdays until October 14th because Congress was still in session. Brickley questioned the validity of this claim considering the fact that Larson had participated in several campaign fundraisers both in Connecticut and in Washington, DC over the past few weeks, but her representatives attempted to comply with this schedule and planned the following debates:
· Bristol – at the Eastern Regional Little League Headquarters on Thursday October 21st which would be hosted and moderated by the Bristol Press.
· New Hartford – held at the Antolini School Tuesday, October 26th to be hosted and moderated by the Litchfield County League of Women Voters
· Cromwell - held at the Cromwell Middle School on either October 14th or 28th that could potentially be moderated by the League of Women Voters of Greater Hartford.
· West Hartford - The Greater Hartford League of Women Voters have invited Larson, Brickley and Green Party candidate Ken Krayeske to participate in a debate in West Hartford on October 18th.
With the exception of the West Hartford event, Larson’s campaign has yet to confirm Congressman Larson’s participation in any additional debates.
“Congressman Larson apparently has more than enough time to raise hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars, including participating in an event with Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Hartford that raised $300,000,” Brickley said. “But when it comes to going out into to the district to debate such issues as the federal stimulus incentives, healthcare, and cap and trade, apparently Mr. Larson is just too busy. Congressman Larson and I are miles apart on these issues and I think we owe it to the people of the First Congressional District to provide them with the opportunity to see and hear us explain our differences.”
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doolee said...

John Larson is a one way communicator, Ann. He doesn't respond to emails or letters, He rarely faces the voters in town meetings, hi face book account does not provide for comments and he won't meet with constituents in his office. He is a tool of Pelosi, doesn't tell the truth re. Obama care, and spends us into oblivion, creating debt that our grandchildren will never be able to pay off. He is a danger to our way of life.
We must support Ann Brickley to put a non career person in office as our constitution provides. He has fed at the trough too long.