September 9, 2010

Lots of politicians slated to appear at city GOP HQ opening on Saturday

Press release from the city's GOP:
The Bristol Republican Town Committee
T.J. Barnes – Chairman
Invites you to the Grand Opening of its Headquarters
Date: Saturday, September 11th, 2010
Place: 255 North Main Street, Bristol, CT
Time: 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon
The following candidates will be in attendance:
Linda McMahon Candidate -U.S. Senate
Mark Boughton Candidate - Lieutenant Governor
Martha Dean Candidate - Attorney General
Jerry Farrell Candidate - Secretary of State
Ann Brickley Candidate -1st. Congressional District
Jason Welch Candidate – 31st State Senatorial
Jill Fitzgerald Candidate – 77th State Representative
Whit Betts Candidate – 78th State Representative
Peter DelMastro Candidate – 79th State Representative
Please join us and meet and greet the candidates.
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Brian said...


I need to point out that all those people are wana be politicians. none of them have been elected

Steve Collins said...

You don't have to be elected to be a politician.

Anonymous said...

And this City needs wanna be politicians!

PAC said...

Whoos this Jason Welch guy.He only has a 19% chance of winning.

Anonymous said...

Art Ward will probably be there to be with his friends.

super streaker said...

Watch me run by everyone this Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Will Al "Mr. Conservative" Caros be there?

A Proud Democrat said...

To 5:19PM...I Don't Believe It! I'm A Democrat and I'll Be Voting For Jason Welch...Tommy Colapietro Has To GO...GO...GO!!!

Anonymous said...

7:51 PM: Why? Is McCauley going to attack him again? Oops...wait a minute. I forgot! Kevin only likes to attack from bad!

Anonymous said...

Who is Tom Colapietro

Anonymous said...


Not Arties buddy!

Anonymous said...

Mary, youo'd better learn to swim before you jump in and try to make a big splash!