September 22, 2010

Ward says no reason to call Vonella any longer

Mayor Art Ward said there was no reason for him to phone downtown property owner Philip Vonella.
He said they spoke at a public meeting.
"I don't know what else he wants me to do," Ward said.
He said that after Vonella complained, the city's public works crew was sent out to address some of the issues raised. The mayor said public works had North Main Street on its schedule last week anyway.
Even so, he said, he told public works to come up with a plan soon to make sure downtown gets the attention it needs.
Budget constraints have made it tough on everyone, the mayor said, but North Main Street needs to be a priority.
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Anonymous said...

Vonella dont take it personal. Ward doesn't return anyones calls.

Now its a priority after someone complains. Way to stay on top of things Ward.

Anonymous said...

Art, he wants you to do your job!

Even I can undeerstand that.

Anonymous said...

I guess face-to-face at a public meeting isn't good enough for Phil. Hmmmm, could there be a motive for all this whining???

get the liberals out first said...

Exactly what does this guy want? The police do their job. Public safety is good in Bristol. What can the Mayor do to get the creeps and bums out of Bristol? Didn't the BPD get attacked by Democrat Roger Michele and the liberal NAACP for roughing up some out of town bum (who most likely was on or looking for drugs)?
If Vondella really wanted to clean up Bristol, he's help elect conservative Legislators who try reduce welfare and handouts. That's the reason they're downtown (I use the term loosely) in the first place.
Also help elect candidates (Tom Foley come to mind) that will reduce taxes and regulations on business, so Connecticut will grow economically instead of the current declining (social-welfare state) trend that the state in on.

Anonymous said...

This talk about the downtown being so bad is ridiculous. It's no worse than it was when Nicastro, Stortz, or Cootchimantis was Mayor. There are creeps walking around because there are creeps living in the immediate vicinity. They are section 8 minority and white-trash scum. Does anyone think anyone's going to do a better job than Ward keeping the garbage out of Bristol? If you want to complain, call Chris "The Welfare State" Wright or Tom "The Great Society" Colapietro and tell them to stop supporting welfare entitlements.

childish and silly political games said...

Some people have nothing better to do but stir up trouble. This is all about the egos of two certain Democrats (ones that want to be mayor). It's too bad they're willing to give Bristol a bad name just to satisfy themselves.

Anonymous said...

Mayor always calls me back and I am a Republican. Seems to me there is more to this story. The Mayor and Phil had a face to face conversation and the Mayor said he would act and did. What else does Phil want? I agree that we need to mention the motive here???

Anonymous said...

1:40 said it all, all this bull is the result of a few wannabees who will do whatever they can,at the expense of the city, to satisfy their own greedy agenda. It's such a shame that we all can't come together and work for the betterment of this fine city.

I agree with Art on this one, Phil raised his concerns, his concerns were heard, but he's still not satisfied.

Electing conservative legislatures isn't the answer either!! Reducing taxes and regulations on businesses is not going to help the problem Vonella has, adding more police to patrol the area, and making it more difficult for these unwanted individuals to hang around the area, will help; however, that will cost more money which is something the city doesn't have, and the Republicans don't want to spend. So be conservative, cut taxes, reduce restrictions on businesses, cut government employees, (oh yea, I forgot, these are the people you want to clean up the place,) reduce welfare and handouts, eliminate social security, eliminate pensions for workers, and don't complain about the corporate executives who are robbing you blind with their exhorbitant salaries and benefits, and what will you have? Two classes of people, the rich and the poor!!!!!!! No more middle class!!!

When five percent of the country's wealth has more money than the combined ninety-five percent of the rest of the country, something is really wrong. They are controlling the country.

Already tired of the campaign said...

Sadly, this is exactly the type of childish political bulls&*t that we can expect from the aforementioned democratic wannabes. Looks like their campaign has begun!

name withheld to prevent reprisals said...

I personally wrote a letter to mayor ward concerning the bristol library and NEVER heard a word back . The forestville library is excellent , but , the bristol library is run by a bunch of nazi's

Anonymous said...

Better to soak the rich than to drown the poor.

And if people think the problems of crime are "welfare" related I'd remind you that Bristol has lost almost every social service imaginable and yet crime has gotten worse.

Time to dump the teabaggers.

con man said...

4:41, from what I have heard he did a shitty job with his father's business and an even crappier job as a self-proclaimed contractor so his work history probably isn't helping his job search.

Anonymous said...

September 23, 2010 11:01 AM:

You're reciting the typical Democrat/union montra. When you can't think of anything or anyone to blame...blame CEOs!

But as most public employee groupie Democrats yuo don't get it.

We can't regulate CEOs. Try it and see what that does for jobs in this state.

But we as citizens can regulate what our government does. Clearly the government spends too much. Clearly the government sector employee unions are out-of-control with their power and the exorbitant pension and benefit packages that are undisputably unsustainable.

Go ahead and keep trying to kill the goose that has been laying the golden egg of prosperity in this country for the last two centuries (business) and see what it gets you.

no to the Kool Aid said...

September 23, 2010 11:01 AM:

So "over paid CEOs" is what is creating a poor job market which in turn creates a welfare dependent class?

No in your dillusional mind it's greedy and jealous (of the public sector class) Republicans that want to bring public sector salaries in line with the private sector as well as reducing the welfare state?

You're clearly drinking the Kool-aide.

look at me said...

12:09 - because you read doesn't mean that you know how to write - did you use words or figurines?

Anonymous said...

A Mayor should call people back...especially the ones he KNOWS will go off on him. Wardie boi may have taken action, but he created another monster for himself.

The issue has begun to turn from a poor downtown appearence to the MAYOR DOES NOT RETURN CALLS!

Maybe this guy wanted to thank him for taking action??!!

Anonymous said...

September 23, 2010 11:01 AM:

Again, how can the state regulate CEO compensation. Of course they get paid exhorbitantly. So what?

Perhaps you want the Federal Government to take over industry? Will The Feds run big business into bankruptcy like does to everything else it touches? Of course it will. I guess you're for the USSR model of economic success?

The problem had nothing to so with CEOs or business wexcept for the fact that the union controlled Democrat Part has been driving the cost of business through the roof and driving jobs out of Connecticut.

boring said...

what is the matter phil, no one else will call you so you will feel better if the mayor does? grow up.

rotten workmanship said...

what negative words would vonella want ward to call him that everyone else hasn't already called him?
talk to people whom vonells has done shoddy work for.

Anonymous said...

What do you people expect from a liar...Ward wants your votes and after that - he doesn't need you.

fruity-fruit said...

vanilla is nothing but a shriveled up raspberry.

U said...

vanilla, we eat at the tortoise, super natural, blondies and michael christopher's regularly, get our haircut at Joe's - never had a single problem either inside or outside of anyplace - maybe the problem is YOU.

Anonymous said...

Do you now see the link btween Divinere supporting Ward, and now Ward supporting Divinerre?


I think not!